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Perkins School for the Blind

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A collection documenting the activities of the Perkins Library, the Blindiana Library at Perkins, and the Research Library. Topics include library services for the blind, the Blind in Art Collection at Perkins, history of the Perkins Library, and other collections maintained by the Perkins Library.

2.75 linear feet, 6 manuscript boxes (1 oversize)
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Susanna Coit, 2018

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Library services began at Perkins in 1880. For most of a century, a single head librarian presided over three different collections. These were a circulating library of embossed and braille books, the Special Reference Library, and the school library for students (at one time called the Teachers’ Library, because the materials supported the curriculum).

Library services were reorganized in the 1960s. The circulating library became the Braille and Talking Book Library (now simply the Perkins Library). The student collection became the Secondary Library. The Research Library was formed to hold both historical materials and those for current practitioners.

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McGinnity, B.L., Seymour-Ford, J. and Andries, K.J. (2004) Perkins Braille and Talking Book Library. Perkins History Museum, Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown, MA.

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Research Library Collection, Perkins School for the Blind

The collection documents the activities of the Perkins Library, the Blindiana Library at Perkins, and the Research Library at Perkins. Contains accession and register notebooks (including guest registers), indices of publications and clippings, reports, historical information, notes, and other administrative materials. Topics include blindness, libraries for the blind, the Blind in Art Collection at Perkins, and other library collections housed in the Perkins Library.


B1:F1 = Box 1: Folder 1


This collection is arranged in five series:

Series 1: Accession Notebooks and Registers, 1786-2001, bulk 1901-1967

Series 2: Libraries for the Blind, 1894-1962

Series 3: Library, 1835-1966

Series 4: Blind in Art (Nelson Coon), 1913-1967

Series 5: Scrapbook, 1894-1947

Container List: 

Box: 1
Series 1: Accession Notebooks and Registers, 1786-2001, bulk 1901-1967

B1:F1: Blindiana Library Register, 1948-1967

B1:F2: Perkins Library for Research Guest Book, 1966-2001

B1:F3: Accession Book, Vol. 1, 1901-1916

B1:F4: Accession Book, Vol. 2, 1916-1920, 1921-1946

B1:F5: Inventory of Books, 1786-1845, undated

B1:F6: Accession Book, Vol. 3, 1946-1949

B1:F7: Accession Book, Vol. 4, 1949-1960

B1:F8: Accession Book, Vol. 5, 1960-1966

B1:F9: Accession Book, Vol. 6, 1966-1967

B1:F10: Pamphlets Accession Book, 1962-1967

B1:F11: Pamphlets Accession Book, 1967

B1:F11: Microfilms, Records, Films, Tapes Accession Book, 1963-1967

Box: 2
Series 2: Libraries for the Blind, 1894-1962

B2: F1: Libraries for the Blind Publications and Clippings, 1899-1933

B2:F2: Libraries for the Blind Publications and Clippings, 1898-1957, undated

B2:F3: Libraries for the Blind American Library Association (ALA) Publications and Clippings, 1906-1959, undated

B2:F4: Libraries for the Blind ALA Publications and Clippings, 1904-1920, undated

B2:F5: Libraries for the Blind Publications and Reports, 1894-1962, undated

B2:F6: Libraries for the Blind Pamphlets and Brochures, 1922-1961, undated

Box: 3
Series 2: Libraries for the Blind, 1882-1958

B3:F1: List of Embossed books collected by Howe, 1882

B3:F2: Report of the Committee on Library Work with the Blind, 1907

B3:F3: Growth and use of the Library, Pennsylvania School for the Blind, 1908

B3:F4: Literature for libraries for the blind, Lucille A. Goldthwaithe, 1921

B3:F5: Photographs and postcards, 1911, 1914, 1929, undated

B3:F6: Free Library of Philadelphia, 1931

B3:F7: Our Perkins Library, Eileen McNamara, 1937

B3:F8: Library work for the blind, 1941, 1951

B3:F9: Braille Library of the Valentin Huay Association, ca. 1957

B3:F10: Federal grants for libraries for the blind, undated, 1958

B3:F11: Regional libraries, undated

B3:F12: Raised type materials, undated

B3:F13: Cooperation with public libraries, undated

B3:F14: Library of Congress - Division for the Blind, photograph and letter, 1957

B4:F15: Progress in library service among the blind, 1929

Box: 4

Series 3: Library, 1835-1966

B4:F1: S. G. Howe reports on library, 1835-1919

B4:F2: Research Library stacks construction, 1924

B4:F3: History of Perkins Library, 1911-1953

B4:F4: Extracts from Reports on Schools, 1913

B4:F5: Library reports and statistics, 1920s-1950s

B4:F6: Inventory of libraries of embossed books, undated

B4:F7: Report of Library, E.E. Allen, 1910

B4:F8: Social statistics of Massachusetts Libraries and reading rooms, 1905

B4:F9: Library of Congress - Room for the Blind, 1920

B4:F10: Correspondence - Thos. S. Taylor (bookdealer) to Miss Laura Sawyer, 1906-1923

B4:F11: Answer to Mr. Allen’s inquiry concerning special libraries, 1931

B4:F12: Library survey, Frank C. Bryson, 1920

B4:F13: Library circulation, 1920-1950

B4:F14: Statistics of Libraries for the Blind (ALA), 1920

B4:F15: Miss Sawyer, Librarian pin, 1924

B4:F16: M.E. Sawyer Harvard class talks, 1941, 1942, 1950

B4:F17: New rate for mail for blind - clippings, 1904, 1910, 1915

B4:F18: Annual Report of the Librarian, 1948-1949, 1953-1954, 1955-1956

B4:F19: Annual Report, excerpts about the Library, 1912-1952

B4:F20: The Lantern, excerpts about the Library, 1947, 1948, 1958, 1966

B4:F21: Publications and clippings, 1918, 1922, 1953, undated

B4:F22: Paper - Outline, functions, and history of library, Nelson Coon, ca. 1951

B4:F23: Photograph - Mary Esther Sawyer, 1953

Box 5:

Series 3: Library (oversize), 1902-1959

B5:F1: The Blind-Report from J.F. Meehna, 1902-1910

B5:F2: [possibly] Key to Blind in Art Pictures or Pictures Accession notebook, 1902-1908

B5:F3: Zan nd Jaensch, Desden, Reports on books for the blind, 1902-1910

B5:F4: M. Gundu Rao, Lenden Mission Girl’s School, Petition for help, Bangladore, S. India, 1915

B5:F5: A Brief History of Guide Dogs for the Blind, Nelson Coon, 1959

B5:F6: Reports on books for the blind, undated

Box: 6

Series 4: Blind in Art (Nelson Coon), 1913-1967

B6:F1: Accession letter from N. Coon to K. Stuckey, 1967

B6:F2: Japanese, undated, 1913

B6:F3: Publications, 1942-1946, undated

B6:F4: Correspondence and notes, 1949, 1950, undated

B6:F5: Black and white transparencies (Microfilm), 1958, undated

B6:F6: Notecards and photographs, undated

Series 5: Scrapbook, 1894-1947

B6:F1: Extracts from letters, 1894-1937

B6:F2: Extracts from letters, 1896-1947

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Perkins School for the Blind.

Perkins School for the Blind--History.

School librarians.

School libraries.

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