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Perkins School for the Blind, creator, collector

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Collection of photographs and photograph albums organized by subject related to the Perkins School for the Blind. 65 boxes, 1890-1990. Many photographs have been digitized and are available on our Flickr page. 

33 linear feet
This collection contains items that are restricted.
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Perkins School for the Blind, Photograph Collections
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Adult Services Program, circa 1980's, bulk 1983

Box 1 

Photographs and contact sheets documenting the Adult Services Program at Perkins, which offered comprehensive rehabilitation to blind, deafblind, visually impaired, multi-impaired, and head-injured persons eighteen years old or older. Negatives also available. See also: Elders/Outreach. 

Art reproductions 

Box 2

Photographs of blind-related art; mostly photos of art prints in Perkins collection 
Bridgman scrapbook (Jim Travaglia, 1990)

Campus Photographs

Box 3

Campus #1 of 5, Watertown campus—Howe Building, 913-1980s, gym renovation, tower renovation, Thorndyke room (1940s-1950s), bowling alley, early photos of boats on the Charles River

Box 4

Campus #2 of 5 Watertown campus, Cottages, General campus photos, inc. aerials, Hilton (North) and Northeast buildings, Misc. buildings

Box 5

Campus #3 of 5 Watertown—Lower School, Lower School, Cottages

Box 6

Campus #4 of 5—Boston locations, South Boston, Early Boston

Box 7

Campus #5 of 5 Jamaica Plain Kindergarten


Box 8 

Conferences, International Conferences, and Conferences at Perkins, many featuring Director Waterhouse, 1941-1971, n. d.:
Conference on Deaf-Blind Children, 1971
International Council of Educators of Blind Youth, 1967
Guidance Meeting, 1959 [Carl Davis?]
AAWB, 1941
Deaf-Blind Conference, 1958
International Conference of Educators of Blind Youth, Oslo, Norway, 1957
New Delhi, 1969
Teacher of the Deaf-Blind, Yamanashi, 1966
São Paulo, 1954, 1964
Anne Sullivan Centennial Banquet, 1966

Nelson Coon/Waterhouse Era

Box 9

Contact sheets and negatives, 1950s-1970s                                                                                                                                                                        

Box 10

Curriculum #1: Arts and crafts, Learning disabilities instruction, Misc. classroom photographs, Religious instruction and Morning Chapel, Orientation and Mobility

Box 11

Curriculum--Deafblind Program: Classroom & learning activities, Music, vibration & Phipps unit, Field trip and graduation – 1980s, year unknown, Physical education, play, outdoor activity                                                                                                                                                              

Box 12 

Curriculum-Geography: Jamaica Plain (Kindergarten pre-1913), South Boston (pre-1912), Watertown (post-1912), Loose: Misc. non-Perkins

Box 13

Curriculum-Manual arts/Vocational training #1 of 5: Massage, Needlework—Knitting, Weaving, Industrial and machine work

Box 14

Curriculum-Manual arts/Vocational training #2 of 5: Sloyd, Engine repair, Independent living / Daily living skills – housecleaning, shopping, cooking, etc., Sewing and upholstery, Woodworking

Box 15

Curriculum-Manual arts/Vocational training #3 of 5: Business education – incl. typing and vending, Agricultural / Animal husbandry (poultry, rabbits, goats), Caning and basketry– incl. chairs, mats, brooms, etc., Piano tuning, South Boston Workshop – mattresses, mats, etc. Industrial Arts classroom/students, 1970s-1980s.

Box 16

Curriculum-Manual arts/Vocational training #4 of 5: – Industrial arts – incl. woodworking, caning, weaving, power mechanics, auto mechanics, metals, machine shop, production, crafts, cooking, ceramics, sewing, and knitting, 1960s-1970s.

Box 17

Curriculum-Manual arts/Vocational training #5 of 4: – Industrial Arts Department – incl. woodworking, cooking, ceramics, woodworking, caning, sewing and weaving 1960s-1970s.

Box 18

Curriculum: Math, Science

Box 19

Curriculum-Music: Christmas concerts, Instrumental music, Instrumental music—Piano and organ, Lower school music, Vocal and choral music

Box 20

Curriculum-Physical education #1 of 3, Includes team photos: Baseball, Cheerleading, Football, Goalball, Gymnastics & calisthenics, Misc. activities—inc. cottage athletic competitions, 20-30s; skating

Box 21 

Curriculum-Physical education #2 of 3, Includes team photos: Misc. team sports—inc. basketball, Swimming, Track & Field, Wrestling

Box 22

Curriculum-Physical education #3 of 3 Outdoor recreation: Boating, Exercise organized by teachers, Play and exercise, recreational, not organized by teachers, Playground equipment—South Boston, Playground equipment—Jamaica Plain, Playground equipment—Watertown, Winter activities, inc. sledding, ice-skating, snow structures and snowball fights    

Box 23

Curriculum-Reading and writing: Literacy, preliteracy, and reading readiness, Reading (mostly braille), Writing with Braillers or older braille writers, Writing with slates or other implements  

Elders Program

Box 24 

Elders/Outreach Exhibitions and Open houses

Box 25

Art exhibits, Exhibitions, and Open houses

Extracurricular activities

Box 26 

Extracurricular activities #1 of 2: Outings and field trips; Camp Allen, Reading and misc. leisure activities, WWII activities, inc. paper drives, disaster preparedness, knitting

Box 27

Extracurricular activities #2 of 2: Clubs and scouts, Dances, Games


Box 28

Graduation #1: Misc. older photos, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1966 – Robert Smithdas visit

Box 29

Graduation #2: 1970s, 1940s, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, Undated (check photos in A.R. & Lantern to date them)


Box 30

Christmas, Halloween


Box 31

National Library Service / Library of Congress, Research Library, Student library and Study hall


Infant/Toddler program

Box 32

Infant/Toddler, Baby school, 1945-

Howe Press

Box 33

For photos of staff members, see also People: Staff boxes
Misc.—Bob Campbell photos
Brailler 1 – Assembly and manufacture, inc. staff members working
Brailler 2 – Finished product
Industrial work—inc. staff members working
Products (not Brailler)                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Other Schools for the Blind

Box 34

Other schools: Greece, India, Misc., labeled, Misc., unlabeled, Yokohama School for the Blind, Japan, Yokohama School for the Blind, Japan – Hideki Ooi, Deafblind student, Poitiers, France, Regional School for the Deaf and Blind & letters, 1956-57

Box 35

Other schools—Japan 1968, Photographs of a visit to Japan by Perkins Director Waterhouse, Benjamin Smith, Robert, Campbell, Robert Smithdas, and Smithdas’s secretary, Herbert Lehman.


Box 36

Museum, Displays and activities in the Tactile Museum.
See also EXHIBITIONS for Open House activities staged in Museum area. /p>


Box 37

People--Deafblind—Individual portraits #1: Mostly student and alumni, often with teachers; includes R. Kinney.  

See: Photographs of Students with Deafblindness at the Perkins School for the Blind Finding Aid

Allen, Jimmy & Margaret (playing with blocks)
Angelika—Child from Greece (knitting)
Balker (Baker?), Bobbie
Begay, Billy
Binson, Betty (reading, with another student)
Brummet, Deborah (many with teachers, Tadoma, exploring objects)
Casella, Grace (reading)
Chapman, Tad (with Inis Hall, others)
Chatterian, Haley
Chee, David (in class, using Brailler)
Crocker, Cora
Crouch, Stephane (with teacher)
Davis, Barbara (exploring toys, knitting)
Dowdy, Leonard (with teachers and others, inc. R. Vivian, Miss Hall, wife Betty, 
Juanita Morgan, Dr. Waterhouse)
Heald, John (typing)
Kinney, Richard (with others, all unidentified)

Box 38

People--Deafblind—Individual portraits #2: Mostly student and alumni, sometimes with teachers.  See: Photographs of Students with Deafblindness at the Perkins School for the Blind Finding Aid

Misc. individuals #1 (pre-1925, many identified)
Misc. individuals #2 (post-1925, many identified)
Mitchell, Annie (knitting)
Morgan, Juanita (with others, inc. Inis Hall, Barbara Sutton)
Otero, Carmela (with others, teachers & students, playing, in class, using old Braillewriter)
Patrick (last name unknown?) (playing on swings & hobbyhorse)
Robin, Willie Elizabeth (with others, Miss Thayer, Edith Thomas, Mr. Whiting, teachers)
Sabonaitis, Gayle (with Rose Vivian)
Seifert, Helen (knitting, with teacher Miss Hoshor)
Shipman, Gloria (with teacher and other students, doing schoolwork, playing on swings)
Smith, Ernest
Smithdas, Robert (adult, with Dr. Waterhouse, Hubert Humphrey)
Thomas, Edith (with other students, Elizabeth Robin, Helen Keller; teachers Miss Markham, Annie Reicker, L. Fletcher) 
Weir, Zella (doing schoolwork, touching Bridgman bust, with teacher)
Winitzky, Nellie
Yott, Louis (writing with braille slate, knitting)

Box 39

People—Deafblind—Group portraits: see also: PEOPLE-DEAFBLIND-IND. PORTRAITS folders.  See: Photographs of Students with Deafblindness at the Perkins School for the Blind Finding Aid
Teacher-student portraits (many Tadoma conversations)
See also PEOPLE—DEAFBLIND—INDIVIDUAL PORTRAITS. Many students are photographed with teachers.

Box 40

People--Deafblind—Tommy Stringer.                                                                                                                          
See: Photographs of Students with Deafblindness at the Perkins School for the Blind Finding Aid
Also with others: teachers Miss Bell, Miss Brown, Miss Conley, Miss Stratton; other students, inc. Elizabeth Robin, Charles Nelson, Joseph Rodrigo; riding tandem bicycle, examing automobile, doing schoolwork, sloyd

Box 41

People—Deafblind--Chan Poh Lin, Chan portraits, solo photographs, Chan with others, Chan with Helen Keller. See: Photographs of Students with Deafblindness at the Perkins School for the Blind Finding Aid

Box 42

 People—Misc. categories

Alumni with family members or in groups

Friedlander portraits (founder of Overbrook School in PA)


Hanks, N.C., famous blind speaker in 1920s

Carroll family (apparently not Father Thomas Carroll)

Mt. Auburn – graves of Howe family, Margaret Fuller, Eliot, etc.


Other agencies and organizations

Promotional brochure, 1952: The Story of a School is the Story of a Child

The child is Jerry (Gerard) Pierce

Osborn, Jimmy—British boy sponsored by Ninth Air Force, 1945

Box 43

People--Staff group photos  
Directors with others—inc. staff, students, colleagues, trustees, etc. see also: Conferences, Other schools,Graduation, Staff activities, Staff group portraits, Visitors Staff activities—unposed; inc. staff meetings Staff group portraits—may include directors Staff and family members

Box 44

People--Staff  individual portraits                                                                                                   

Directors—Individual portraits
Staff portraits 1
Staff portraits 2

Box 44b

Directors—Individual portraits
Photographs circa 1850's to 1960's. Contains some of the oldest portraits and group photographs of Perkins staff, many of which are cabinet cards. Group photos include school activities, meetings, casual photos of life as a teacher in the late 1800s, and the funeral of Samuel Gridley Howe. Photographs of Perkins directors include Samuel Gridley Howe, Edward J. Waterhouse, and Edward E. Allen.

Box 45

People—Student groups: Boys, Co-ed, Girls, Girls’ cottage families

Box 46

People—Students & alumni portraits: Student and teacher, Students—two or more, Students/Alumni—Individual portraits

Photograph Albums

Box 47

Photo album, 1937-1938 academic year. Possibly photographed by Nelson Coon? Includes outdoor activities, campus scenes, students, teachers, tactile projects

Box 48

Photo album, Nelson Coon, 1930s:                                                                                                  
Photos taken ca. 1931-1940
Aerial shots, campus, students, staff, classroom, outdoor, and leisure activities.
Includes photos of agricultural use of campus, garden of Keller-Sullivan when it was the 
Director’s cottage. 

Box 49

Photo album, Deafblind students and staff, 1970 

Box 50

Photo album—Greece, 1981 Scout trip, visit to Michael Anagnos’s birthplace

Box 51

Photo album—Greece, late 1980s, includes photos of Kevin Lessard, C. Richard and Deborah Carolson, Helen Fernald

Box 52

Photo album--Watertown Campus ca. 1913: b&w photos of Watertown campus


Box 53

Photo collection—Liz Banta—Deafblind Program, 1986                                        

Box 54

Photo collection—Margaret Bourke-White: Howe main entrance from NE perspective, Howe tower from west side of front entrance

Box 55

Photo collection—Dan Burns (former supervisor of Deafblind Program, late 1950s, early 1960s). Includes Bridgman signatures, papers, publications, photos

Box 56

Photo collection—Douglas Deyoe: Outdoor activities, including rock-climbing, late 1970s

Box 57

Photo collection—Cora Gleason: Photographs and letters—students and staff

Box 58

Photo collection—Greece, late 1980s. Include photos of Kevin Lessard, C. Richard and Deborah Carolson, Helen Fernald


Box 59

Photo collection—Larry Melander: Photo of buildings and students of Lower School, 1990-2000s; school events; unsorted.

Box 60

Photo collections—Misc.                                                                                                                
Bob Campbell photos. Incl. pictures of staff, students, buildings, classroom activities
Photo album 1920s
Lester Burdick envelope—incl. photos of Road Rallies, early 1980s

Physical therapy

Box 61 

Severely Impaired Program 1983-

Box 62                                                                                                                              

Special events on campus

Box 63                                                                                                                                      

Anne Sullivan Centennial Banquet 1966
Fairs, concerts from non-Perkins musicians, celebrations
150th anniversary

Teacher training 

Box 64                                                                                                                                 

ELPs (Educational Leadership Program)
Graduation and class portraits
Misc. and candid portraits


Box 65


Theater #1 – South Boston (pre-1912)                                                                                                                       

Box 66

Theater #2 – Watertown campus                                                                                                                                            

Visitors to Perkins

Box 67

Hirohito, 1931, misc.

Joseph Rodrigo Album

Box 69

Album of photographs documenting Perkins Kindergarten student Joseph Rodrigo, 1900-1904


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