Perkins Trust Photograph Collection, 1957-2013

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Perkins School for the Blind

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Perkins Trust Photograph Collection, Perkins School for the Blind.

This collection spans the years 1957-2013, the bulk dating from 1980 through 1999. It contains color and black and white photographs, negatives, and 35 mm slides. Subjects photographed include Perkins students, staff, and board members, projects, programs, graduations, adult services, Howe Press, school activities, and notable persons. Notable people include, President George Bush, Ted Kennedy, Bobby Orr, Ray Charles, and Robert Smithdas. There are also a few related items included with the photographs, such as a brochure and newspaper clipping. Some photographs are reproductions of material from the 1930s and earlier.


B1:F1 = Box 1: Folder 1

1 series, 3 boxes

Container List: 

Box 1
B1:F1: Blind Babies Foundation, San Francisco, CA, undated

B1:F2: Blind Children’s Center, Los Angeles, CA, undated

B1:F3: Blizzard of 1978 black and white, and color photographs and slides, ca. 1978

B1:F4: Boy Scout black and white photographs, undated

B1:F5: Development/PR Office photographs and negatives, including a reproduction of a David Abraham photograph from 1930s, undated

B1:F6: Howe Press display boards for Corporation Day, 1984

B1:F7: Foundation for the Junior Blind, L.A., CA, undated

B1:F8: Gallagher, Bill, photographs and negatives of him as Perkins student and leader at the American Foundation for the Blind, undated

B1:F9: Graduation black and white photographs, 1988

B1:F10: Hilton building booklet negatives, undated

B1:F11: Hilton building dedication program and photographs of President George Bush, 1994

B1:F12: Hilton Program, Perkins campus, circa 1990, 1995

B1:F13: Hilton, Conrad portrait slide, undated

B1:F14: HP [Hilton Perkins] slides for a presentation, 1990-1999

B1:F15: Horticulture photos [also labeled Horticulture Therapy Handbook: 1993], circa 1993, 2001

B1:F16: Jane Atwood black and white photos, 1983

Box 2
B2:F1: Foundation for the Junior Blind, undated

B2:F2: Misc. photographs of Perkins students, campus, and Ted Kennedy, circa 1987, 1988

B2:F3: National Conference on Deaf-blindness contact sheets, 1992

B2:F4: Navajo Project, circa 1993

B2:F5: Pappas Greenhouse and weight room equipment negatives, undated

B2:F6: Playground, Bradlee Field, undated

B2:F7: Preschool, circa 1994

Box 3
B3:F1: Horticultural Therapy Handbook, 1993

B3:F2: Julie O'Neil, 1990

Box 4
B4:F1: William Gibson
B4:F2: Edward Allen, Jr. 

B4:F3: Ray Charles

B4:F4: Anne Bancroft

B4:F5: Mary Grace Knap Burtt (alumni)

B4:F6: Up with People

B4:F7: Perkins Choir, Kathleen Kelleher

B4:F8: Willie Whistle

B4:F9: Charles Winchell (alumni)

B4:F10: Joseph P. Lash, Jaimie Lard

B4:F11: Bobby Orr

B4:F12: Sina Fladeland Waterhouse

B4:F13: Robert Smithdas, Tom Sullivan

B4:F14: Patty Duke

B4:F15: Sidewalk Sam, ect.

B4:F16: Ted Kennedy, Joe Kennedy

B4:F17: George Bush, Hiltons

Box 5
B5:F1: Lower school, circa 1960-1999

B5:F2: Lower school, circa 1980-1993

B5:F3: Lower school, circa 1980-1999

Box 6
B6:F1: Lower school, circa 1980-1999

B6:F2: Secondary school, circa 1960-1999

B6:F3: Secondary school, circa 1980-1993

Box 7
B2F15: Howe Press, circa 1960-1999

B2F16: Deafblind program, circa 1960-1999

B2F17: Deafblind program, circa 1960-1999

B2F18: Program supervisors, circa 1960-1999

B2F19: Recycling, circa 1980-1999

B2F20: Recycling, circa 1993

B2F21: Adult services, circa 1960-1999

Box 8
B8:F1: Circus clowns, circa 1990

B8:F2: Track meet, circa 1980-1999

B8:F3: Braille Talking Book Library, circa 1960-1999

B8:F4: Donations, circa 1986

B8:F5: Infant toddler program, circa 1960-1999

B8:F6: Infant toddler program, circa 1970-1999

Box 9
B9:F1: Campus, circa 1910-1999 

B9:F2: Employee recognition, circa 1970-1999

B9:F3: Howe Press, 1992 (Delis Etienne & Perkins Brailler) 

​B9:F4: John Dix Fisher's Grave, Mt. Auburn Cemetery, 1979 [includes photocopy of news story] 

B9:F5: Interior/globe, undated 1994

B9:F6: Director's Office, undated, 1957

B9:F7: Head injury adult services, July 1987

B9:F8: Education Leadership Program graduation, 1995

Box 10

B10:F1: Infant Toddler Program, circa 1970-1999

​B10:F2: Deafblind program, circa 1960-1999

B10:F3: Lower school, 1980-1993

B10:F4: Sidewalk Sam, Ect., contact sheet

B10:F5: Bobby Orr, contact sheet, 1981

B10:F6: Willie Whistle, lower school, contact sheet

B10:F7: Blind Babies Foundation

Box 11
35mm Negatives

B11:F1: D. Delpolio View Book

​B11:F2: Personalities-- Bobby Orr, 1981

B11:F3: Personalities-- Ray Charles, 1982

B11:F4: Personalities-- Ray Charles, 1982

B11:F5: Personalities-- Sidewalk Sam, ect.

B11:F6: Personalities-- UP with People, space shuttle, Ken Stuckey 1986

B11:F7: Personalities-- Edward Allen, Jr. 

B11:F8: Personalities-- Willie Whistle/Lower School, 1986

B11:F9: Preschool

B11:F10: Preschool

B11:F11: Preschool #29 Bobby from preschool file

B11:F12: Preschool #11 Tommy from preschool file

B11:F13: Recycling, circa 1993

B11:F14: Recycling, circa 1993

B11:F15: Track meet, circa 1980-1999

Box 12
Large Negatives

B12:F1: Director's Office, 4x5 negatives, undated, 1957

​B12:F2: Adults working on wood boat, 2x4 negative, circa 1960-1999

B12:F3: Head Injury Adult Services, 8x10 negatives, 1987

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