Perkins Outreach and Perkins International Photograph Collection

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Perkins School for the Blind

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This collection contains slides, photographs, photo albums, newspaper clippings, and manuscripts used for Perkins School of the Blind publications, Perkins/ Hilton International Program, and other student activities.  The bulk of the material relates to the International Program.  

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Kalee Mitchelson, 2015

Collections restricted to internal use only due to student privacy
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Perkins Outreach/ International Photograph Collection, 1978-2007, Perkins School for the Blind

The majority of this collection is comprised of Hilton/Perkins International, a program that brings services to blind, deafblind, and children with multiple disabilities in more than fifty developing countries around the world.  A variety of Perkins publications are also included - most notably, Remarkable Conversations (1999), which was published in order to address the special needs of children who communicate in nonlinguistic styles.  Additionally, the services that Perkins has brought its students have ranged from Deafblind programs; special events, such as horseback riding and holiday concerts; as well as educational programs, both for its students and teachers.  


9 series and 5 subseries, 27 boxes (2 Oversize)

Series 1: Hilton Perkins International Program 

Series 2: Perkins Publications 

              Subseries 1: Remarkable Conversations 

Series 3: Deafblind Program 

Series 4: Outreach/Extracurricular 

Series 5: Special Events

Series 6: Educational Programs 

Series 7: Graduation  

Series 8: Preschool 

Series 9: Perkins Photos 

              Subseries 1: People 

              Subseries 2: Misc. 

              Subseries 3: Building Photos – Specific 

              Subseries 4: Campus Photos – General 

Container List: 

Series 1: Hilton Perkins International Program 

Box 1 

B1:F1: Afghanistan, prints, undated   
B1:F2-5: Africa, prints, 1993-2000
B1:F6: Africa, Africa Forum, prints, 1996 
B1:F7: Africa, Sibonile School, prints and manuscript, 1999
B1:F8-10: Argentina, prints, ca.2000   

Box 2 

B2:F1-2: Asia, prints, undated 
B22: Asia, Deaf Blind, photo album, 1996 
B22: Asia, Deaf Blind, photo album, 1996 
B22: Asia, Deaf Blind, photo album, undated 
B22: Asia, Family Workshop, Deaf Blind, photo album, 1999 
B22: Asia, Family Workshop, Deaf Blind, photo album, 1999 
B22: Asia, photo album, undated
B2:F3-4: Belize (Caribbean), prints, undated 
B2:F5-6: Brazil, prints, publications, news clippings, ca. 2001 
B2:F7: Brazil, Sao Paulo, mounted prints, manuscripts, undated 
B2:F8: Bulgaria, prints, 2003 
B2:F9: Caribbean, prints, undated 
B2:F10: Chile, manuscripts, prints, undated 
B2:F11-13: China, prints, manuscripts, ca. 1980s-2000s B22: China, photo album, undated 
B2:F14-17: Columbia, mounted photos, manuscripts, ca. 1996-2000 
B22: Columbia, photo album, letter, 1996-2000 
B2:F18: Costa Rica, mounted photos, manuscripts, news clippings, undated 
B2:F19: Czech Republic, prints, publications, 1999-2000   

Box 3

B3:F1: Dominican Republic, photo album, undated 
B3:F2-4: Eastern Europe/Russia, prints, manuscripts, undated 
B3:F5: Estonia Project, prints, August 2004 
B3:F6: Greece, publications, undated 
B3:F7: Guatemala, prints, undated 
B3:F8: Hungary, prints, 1994 
B3:F9-10: India, prints, manuscripts, ca. 1998 
B3:F11: India, Rothstein CD, Mike Collins, Bangladesh India, undated 
B21:F2: India (Mumbai), mounted photos, undated   
B3:F12: National Resource and Training Centre for Children with Vision Impairment and additional disabilities (Mumbai), manuscripts, undated 
B3:F13: Indonesia, prints, manuscripts, news clipping, ca. 1997 
B22: Jakarta, Indonesia, School for the Blind and Ministry of Education, photo album, undated               
B21:F1: Deaf blind Activity Photos, Indonesia, 1998-1999 (Oversize) 
B3:F14: Israel, manuscripts, print, ca. 2004 
B3:F15: Japan, prints, ca. 2000 
B3:F16-17: Latin America, prints, manuscripts, undated 
B3:F18: Malaysia, Malawi Union, prints, Fall 2004 
B22: Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, Blind Rehabilitation Center and Reception, photo album, undated      
B22: Penang, Malaysia, St. Nicholas School for the Blind, photo album, undated 
B3:F19: Mexico, publication, mounted prints, 1998 
B3:F20: Nepal, prints, undated 
B3:F21: Peru, prints, mounted prints, manuscripts, news clippings, 1998-2000   

Box 4

B4:F1: Poland, prints, publication, 1994 

B4:F2: Portugal, prints, undated 
B4:F3: Romania, prints, publications, manuscripts, undated 
B4:F4-5: Russia, prints, CD, ca. 2002 
B4:F6: Slovakia, mounted prints, prints, publications, news clippings, undated 
B4:F7: South Africa, prints, undated 
B4:F8: South Africa, Sibonile School, Deaf Blind, prints, mounted prints, news clippings, ca. 2004 
B4:F9-10: South America, mounted prints, prints, ca. 1994 
B22: South America, photo album, undated   
B4:F11: St. Lucia (Caribbean), mounted prints, prints, ca. 2002 
B4:F12: Thailand, Princess of Thailand, prints, November 14, 1992 
B4:F13: Thailand, mounted prints, prints, ca. 2002 
B22: Bankok [sic] School for the Blind, photo album, undated 
B22: Bangkok, Thailand, photo album, undated 
B4:F14: Turkey, photo album, prints, 2000-2001 
B21:F4: Turkey, prints, 2001-2004 (Oversize) 
B4:F15: Venezuela, prints, publication, ca. 1997  

Box 5: International, Misc. Photos (ca. 1990s-2000s) 

B5:F1: “Hilton Perkins File,” prints, 1992, 1998, 1999 
B5:F2:  Hilton Perkins, photo slides, 1997 
B5:F3: International N.J., prints, mounted prints, manuscripts, publications, Pre-1998 
B5:F4: D.B.I., prints, undated 
B5:F6-12: prints, photo slides, manuscripts, undated 
B5:F13: Kevin Lassard, China, undated 
B5:F14: Kevin Lassard, Cuba, undated 
B5:F15-16, B6:F14: Marianna Riggio, photo slides, prints, undated 
B22: photo album, pre-1998   
B22: photo album, undated 

Box 6: International, Misc. Photos, Reports, Programs, etc. (1970s-2000s) 

B6:F1: Prevocational, photo slides, 1978-1979 
B6:F2: Hilton Perkins National/N.Y, Helen Keller Services for the Blind, prints, 1992 
B6:F3: Hilton Perkins Building Dedication, prints, Oct.6, 1994 
B6:F4: International Program Educators, prints, July 1996 
B6:F5: Keyans and Secondary Art Show, prints, Feb. 1999 
B6:F6: “Fundal Progress Report,” manuscript/publication, mounted prints, 2001-2002 
B6:F7: General Brochure, Spanish, prints, publication, 2003-2004 
B6:F8: Medellin Project, CD, 2004 
B6:F9: Parents – Deaf Blind, prints, manuscripts/publications, ca. 2004 
B6:F10: Brochure, Robert Guthrie, artwork, mounted prints, prints, undated 
B6:F11: Online Training, manuscripts, undated 
B6:F12: International Program Display, mounted prints, undated 
B6:F13: Staff, ELPs, mounted prints, undated  
B6:F14: Program/Department Supervisors, prints, undated 
B6:F15: “Hilton Perkins International – Worldwide Training,” publication packets, 1989-1992 
B6:F16: Marianne Riggio, prints, undated 
B21:F3: Prints, 1992 (Oversize) 
B23: Slides, Argentina, Egypt, Hong Kong (China), Czechoslovakia, 1992 
B24: Negatives, Hungary, India, Poland, ca. 1992 
B24: Negatives, contact sheets, Argentina, Thailand, 1989     

Series 2: Perkins Publications 

Box 7

B7:F1-2: Capitol Campaign Brochure, prints, photo slides, 1986-1987, 1995 
B7:F3-4: Christmas Cards, photos, artwork, manuscripts, ca. 1993 
B7:F5: Children Learn Together, print slides, Jan. 1976 
B7:F6-7: The Educator, prints, manuscripts, 1994-1995, Winter 1996-1998 
B7:F8: Empowerment of the Blind, manuscript, undated 
B7:F9-12: Howe Press Catalog, prints, manuscripts, publications, ca. 1991-1999 
B7:F13: “In Celebration of Grandparenting,” prints, undated     

Box 8 

B8:F1: Newsletters/Brochures, prints, 1990s 
B8:F2: Newsletter, mounted print, 1999 
B8:F7: Secondary Housekeeping Manual, prints, 1998 
B8:F8: Section opener photos, prints, undated 
B8:F9: unknown publication, prints, 2004 
B8:F10: web pics, photo slides, prints, undated    

Subseries 1: Remarkable Conversations 

B8:F3: Remarkable Conversations, Ch. 1-6, photo slides, manuscripts, ca. 2000 
B8:F4: Remarkable Conversations, Ch. 7-10, photo slides, manuscript, ca. 2000 
B8:F5: Remarkable Conversations, Ch.11, photo slides, manuscript, ca. 2000 
B8:F6: Remarkable Conversations, Ch.11-end, photo slides, manuscript, ca. 2000 
B25-26: Remarkable Conversations, slides taken by John Kenn, 1998-1999     

Series 3: Deaf Blind Program 

Box 9: Deaf Blind (1980s-2000s) 

B9:F1: Program Overview, M. Collins, photo slides, 1980 
B9:F2: Deaf Blind Services, prints, manuscripts, news clipping, 1990s 
B9:F3: Prints, 1994-2006 
B9:F4: Prints, 1997 
B9:F5: Prints, 1998-1999 
B9:F6: Disney Cookout, prints, 1999 
B9:F7: Prints 2000-2002 
B9:F8: Christmas, prints, 2000 
B9:F9: Chris Jett, prints, undated 
B21:F5: Chris Jett, prints, undated (Oversize) 
B9:F10: Jaimi Laird, prints, undated 
B9:F11: Bobbie Lee/ Vinny Communicating for Barbara Mason, CD, undated 
B9:F12: Anne Sullivan Awards, prints, undated 
B9:F13: Lion’s Club, Panda Project, prints, manuscript, undated 
B9:F14: Representative Lions, prints, undated 
B9:F15: Prints, undated 
B9:F16: Photo slides, undated 
B21:F5: Photos, undated     

Series 4: Outreach/Extracurricular (ca. 1990s-2000s) 

Box 10: Outreach/ Extracurricular (ca. 1990s-2000s) 

B10:F1-2: Prints, undated B10:F3-4: Outreach, prints, ca. 1997-2000s 
B10:F5: Outreach Weekend, Horseback Riding, prints, 10/29/2000 
B10:F6: Outreach S.U.C.S., Bulletin Board, mounted prints, prints, undated 
B27: Student artwork, prints & original drawing, undated   

Series 5: Special Events (ca. 1970s-2000s) 

Box 11 

B11:F1: Author’s Brunch, publications, prints, Braille/embossed papers, 2002 
B11:F2: Dick Carlson, prints, undated 
B11:F3: Dick Carlson & Wife w/South Africa Deputy President Mbeki, prints, 1998 
B11:F4: Corporation Day, prints, Fall 2002 
B11:F5: Eyes, prints, undated 
B11:F6: Helen Fernald, Retirement Party, prints, 1994 
B11:F7-9: Field Day, prints, 2000-2001 
B11:F10: Holiday Concert, prints, manuscripts, undated 
B11:F11: Science Visit, prints, Fall 2002-2003   

Box 12 

B12:F1-2: Senior Yearbook, prints, manuscripts, 1998 
B12:F3-8: Special Events, prints, 1999-2002   

Box 13

B13:F1-4: Special Events, prints, ca. 2003 
B13:F5: Trustees Corporation, prints, manuscripts, 1970s-2004 
B13:F6: Volunteers, prints, 1987-1994   

Series 6: Educational Programs 

Box 14: Education Programs (1960s-2000s) 

B14: F1-2: Elderly Program, prints, 1992-1998 
B14:F3-4: Infant Toddler Program, prints, photo slides, 10/1978, 1994-2007 
B14:F5-6: Lower School Program, prints, 1990s-early 2000s, 1994-2001 
B14:F7-8: Secondary Program, prints, 1997-1999 
B14:F9: Teacher Education, prints, 1960s-1980s 
B14:F10: Teacher Education, Education Leadership Program, prints, 1995 
B21:F7: Greenhouse, horticultural therapy, prints, undated (Oversize)   

Box 15: Education and Employee Recognition 

B15:F1-2: Employee Recognition, prints, 1998-2001 
B15:F3: Kim Carlson, Employee, print, undated 
B15:F4: Donald Hubbs, Employee, prints, undated 
B15:F5: Employees, prints, undated 
B15:F6: Life Skills, prints, 1990s 
B15:F7-8: Sign Language, prints, undated 

Series 7: Graduation 

B16:F1: Prints, 1985, 1997, 1998 
B16:F2: Prints, 1998 B16:F3: Prints, 2000, 2002     
B16:F4: Prints, 2002 B16:F5: Prints, 2003 
B16:F6: Prints, 2007   
B22: Education Leadership Program, Graduation Exercises, photo binder, May 18, 2004   

Series 8: Preschool   

B16:F7: Prints, 1992, 1997-1998, 2004 
B16:F8: Prints, 1998-1999 B16:F9: Prints, 2002 
B16:F10: Prints, undated B16:F11: Deaf Blind, prints, undated   

Series 9: Perkins Photos

Subseries 1: People (ca. 1800s-2005) 

B27: Don Hubbs, President, Hilton Foundation, portrait, undated (Oversize) 

B17:F1: Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan, prints, undated   
B17:F2: Jaimie Lard, prints, undated 
B17:F3: Kevin Lassard, prints, undated 
B17:F4: James Montenero on Toy BMW, prints, undated 
B17:F5: Martha Runners, prints, 2002-2003 
B17:F6: Prints, ca. 1998 
B17:F7: “Final Perkins Photos,” prints, ca. 2003 
B17:F8: Prints, ca. 2004 B17:F9-12: Prints, 2005 
B27: Students, photographs taken by Armon Benneian, undated Subseries 2: Misc. Photos (1992-ca. 2002) 
B18:F1: Prints, Brochures, undated 
B18:F2: Prints, undated
B18:F3-4: Portraits, prints, ca. 2002 
B18:F5-12 : Misc., prints, ca. 1992-2002 
B18:F13: Life reprint, Mary Ellen Mark Photographs, ca. 1990 
B18:F14: Orig Perkins, K6627, photo negatives, prints, 9/25/2000 

Subseries 3: Building Photos – Specific, (ca. 1997-2002) 

B19:F1: Assistive Device Center, Fall 2002 
B19:F2: Braille Talking Book Library Press Conference (Grunwald), prints, undated 
B19:F3-4: Braille Talking Book Library, prints, undated
B19:F5-6: Greenhouse, Opening Photographs, prints, undated 
B19:F7-8: Greenhouse, Horticultural Therapy, prints, undated 
B19:F9: Research Library, prints, 1997 

Subseries 4: Campus Photos – General (ca. 1980s-1990s) 

B20:F1: Aerial Shots, prints, 1984, 2004 
B20:F2-3: Aerial Shots, prints, 1993 
B20:F4: Aerial Shots, prints, undated 
B27: Aerial campus photos, undated 
B20:F5-6: Floor Plans, manuscripts, undated 
B20:F7: Campus, General, photo slides, prints, undated
B27: Campus maps & building illustrations, undated 
B20:F8: Howe Building, manuscripts, prints, undated                           

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Perkins School for the Blind.
Perkins School for the Blind--History.

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