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Perkins School for the Blind

Date Range: 
1923-1985, bulk 1960-1980
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Some titles restricted due to student privacy. Playback equipment for films is unavailable. Some titles are available on VHS.

Contains 16mm, 8mm, and Super 8 film reels that has been collected or produced by Perkins. The bulk of the collection dates from the 1960-1980, but many have no known date. The Perkins produced films include the World of the Deaf-Blind series, Light for All, and Children of the Silent Night. Non professionally produced films by Perkins are in 8mm and Super 8 format, the bulk documenting the deaf-blind program from 1960-1980. There are 5 films related to Perkins summer school from 1942 and 1945 in color. Many films are undated and untitled. Some titles are transcribed notations from film canisters, and may not correspond to actual title. Films published by other institutions include by the American Foundation for the Blind and the New Zealand Blind Foundation.

Container List: 

Perkins Produced

Children of the Silent Night, 1961 
Legacy of Anne Sullivan, 1968
Light For All, 1923
Perkins Institution, 1933
Perkins...Challenging, Changing, Growing, 1985
The Perkins Story, 1957
The Perkins Story Adapting to Change, 1977
Realities of Blindness-The Perkins Experience, 1972
The World of Deaf-Blind Children “Deaf-Blind Circus,” n.d. 
The World of Deaf-Blind Children - Growing Up, 1975
The World of Deaf -Blind Children - How They Communicate, 1975

Perkins Nonprofessional Fims

Bookbinding, n.d.
Bowling alleys DED, n.d.Deaf Blind program, 1960s-1970s, (approx. 60 films) 
Perkins 400 feet taken G.F, n.d.
Perkins Institute odds and ends, n.d.
Perkins Institute Summer School 1945, circa 1942, 1945 (5 films in total)
Perkins Institute Odds and Ends, n.d.
South Boston Blind artisan workshop, n.d. 
Unnamed film, n.d., (contains scenes of construction being done)

Non Perkins Produced

As a Blind Person, 1984
Children Without Sight, 1971
Communicating with Deaf-Blind People, 1964
A Day with Debbie, 1974
The Education of the Deaf and Blind, 1965
Eye Doctor on Safari, 1962
Fiat Lux, n.d.
Helen Keller’s story (possibly the film Her Story which is also known as The Unconquered), [1954] 
How the Eye Functions, 1941
The Key, n.d.
Low Vision Patient, [1974]The Mike Douglas Show, 1965
The Miracle Worker, n.d.
No Longer Alone, 1961 
Not Without Sight, 1974
Perkins Slide Show, n.d.
Social Training of Young Deaf-Blind Students, 1967
Today Show Feature on the Blind and Deaf, n.d.
What Do You Do When You See a Blind Person, 1971
The World as I See, n.d.
A World of their Own, 1971

Unknown Creator

A Short Chronicle: 40 Years of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, n.d. 
ACSG, n.d.
A.N.H.A Romero film, n.d.
E.[K] Boston, n.d. 
Gayle, 1966
Km Caputo April 1966, 1966
Looking on Darkness, n.d. 
Mobility Film, n.d.
NE[RC], n.d.
Shelley, n.d.
Story of Chan Poh Lin, 1963, 2 reels
Survey of blindness “Silent Speed,” n.d.
Using Fire Extinguishers, n.d.
A Japanese film on the deaf blind, n.d.

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