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Fisher, Anna Gardner, 1869-1941, author

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The Perkins Administration General Correspondence Collection contains letters sent to the Perkins School for the Blind Administration by various persons and organizations. Responses primarily authored by Anna Gardner Fisher. Most letters refer to requests for braille resources, advice for the education of the blind, admission questions, and inquiries of past students.

1 manuscript box (2.5 linear feet)
Collection is predominantly in English. Some correspondence in French and German with English translations
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Ashley Williams, 2017

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Anna Gardner Fish (1869-1941) was born in Nantucket, MA. She entered Perkins School for the Blind as an administrative assistant to Michael Anagnos in 1897 and eventually Edward E. Allen. She became the institution’s registrar in 1931. She served the school for 44 years and was known as the primary authority for all Perkins related history. She was also an avid writer and authored almost every edition of The Lantern printed during her time at the School.

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Farrell, Gabriel, and Perkins Institution. "Anna Gardner Fish A Devoted Servant of Perkins."The Lantern. Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind, 3 Feb. 2011. Web. 01 Nov. 2017.

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Perkins Administration General Correspondence Collection, Perkins School for the Blind

The collection documents correspondences between Perkins Administration and various other persons and organizations including the National Red Cross, Maude Howe Elliot, the Bureau of Old Age Assistance, Albert Thorndike, Silver, Burdett and Company, various associations for the blind such as the National Welfare Association for Colored Blind and various national and international schools for the blind. Administration responses are authored by Registrar Anna G. Fish, Dr. Edward E. Allen, and Dr. Gabriel Farrell with the bulk being written by Anna G. Fish. Correspondence topics include but are not limited to requests for braille resources, advice for education of the blind, admission questions, and inquiries of past students. Correspondence formats include letters, one in French and one in German, postcards, and a telegram.


B1:F1 = Box 1: Folder 1

1 box maintained in original order, arranged alphabetically by the last name of non-Perkins affiliated correspondent followed by Perkins Administration responses.

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Box: 1

B1:F1: Correspondence A, 1933-1938

B1:F2: Correspondence B, 1932-1939

B1:F3: Correspondence C, 1933-1939

B1:F4: Correspondence D, 1932-1940

B1:F5: Correspondence E, 1931-1940

B1:F6: Correspondence F, 1935-1940

B1:F7: Correspondence G, 1934-1940

B1:F8: Correspondence H, 1932-1940

B1:F9: Correspondence I-J, 1932-1937

B1:F10: Correspondence K, 1932, 1936

B1:F11: Correspondence L, 1933-1934

B1:F12: Correspondence M, 1931-1938

B1:F13: Correspondence N, 1934-1936

B1:F14: Correspondence O-P, 1932-1938

B1:F15: Correspondence Q-R, 1932-1938

B1:F16: Correspondence S, 1932-1938

B1:F17: Correspondence T, 1931-1940

B1:F18: Correspondence U-V, 1933

B1:F19: Correspondence W, 1932-1936

B1:F20: Correspondence X-Z, 1935  

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Allen, Edward E. (Edward Ellis), 1861-1950


Fish, Anna Gardner

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