Nella Braddy Henney Collection Box 12

Series 1: Original Correspondence

Box 12: Folder 1-14: NBH Miscellaneous correspondence and clippings

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B12:F1: NBH Correspondence: Letters sent to Keller, Thomson, Sullivan Macy, by others and forwarded to NBH, and clippings & miscellaneous, 1903-1957

B12:F2: NBH Correspondence: From Polly Thomson to NBH, 1934

B12:F3: NBH Correspondence: Doubleday to NBH, 1955

B12:F4: NBH Correspondence: from Keller to Herr Schramm, from Scotland, 1934

B12:F5: NBH Correspondence: Misc. – Articles, correspondence

B12:F6: NBH Correspondence: Jo Davidson, Van Wyck Brooks, ect., 1940s

B12:F7: NBH Correspondence: Keller letter to Effendi, 1930

B12:F8: NBH Correspondence: “A Vital Responsibility for Teachers” by Helen Keller, 1956 “The Instructor”

B12:F9: Notes from Thomson, Polly

B12:F10: The Miracle Worker clipping

B12:F11: NBH Correspondence: to Keller, X-mas cards, ect., misc., 1936, 1954, 1958, n.d.

B12:F12: Articles: response to NBH “Anne Sullivan Macy” mostly from colleges, 1936 – 1938

B12:F13: Chronology [from] 1866 [ff] material from [Sullivan Macy] Teacher, Keller and others to 1920s

B12:F14: NBH Correspondence: letters given to NBH, 1914 (Note: “March 4, 1914, John Macy, Other letters now in possession of Mildred Keller Tyson. All in this given to NBH when she began writing “Teacher”. Keller letters taken out (Ken Stuckey)”)