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Michael Anagnos

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1825-1997, bulk 1876-1936
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Director’s files maintained by the Perkins School for the Blind containing correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, clippings, and publications. Collection contains correspondence to and from Julia Ward Howe, Samuel Gridley Howe, and collections related to Laura Bridgman.

6 linear feet
English; Greek
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Molly Stothert-Maurer, 2013

Biographical/Historical notes: 

Michael Anagnos (formerly Anagnostopoulos) was born November 7, 1837 in Papingo, Greece. Anagnos was a trustee and later second director of the Perkins School for the Blind (then Perkins Institution) from 1876 until his death in 1906. Anagnos was a friend, assistant and son-in-law to Perkins’ founding director Samuel Gridley Howe. In 1886 Anagnos was contacted by Helen Keller’s parents and recommended Anne Sullivan as teacher. He served as a mentor and friend to Sullivan, and wrote frequently about Helen Keller’s progress in the Annual Reports. Anagnos was a successful fundraiser and helped establish the first Kindergarten for the Blind in Jamaica Plain, MA in 1887.

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Michael Anagnos Collection, Perkins School for the Blind.

11 Series, 13 boxes.

Series 1: Correspondence
Series 2: Samuel Gridley Howe
Subseries 1: Correspondence about the Howe Centennial Celebration sent to Miss Julia E. Burnham and Miss Gazella Bennett, members of the Howe Memorial Committee and the following invited guests in 1901
Series 3: Laura Bridgman
Series 4: Julia Romana Anagnos
Series 5: Projects and Business Files, 1835-1946
Series 6: Alumnae Association, Anagnos Memorials, Founder's Day, Anagnos bios
Series 7: Clippings, 1870-1940
Series 8: Publications and Pamphlets, 1882-1941
Series 9: Anagnos Research Materials, Ken Stuckey files, Photocopies, 1980s-1990s
Series 10: Photographs, artifacts, and oversize items
Series 11: Bound Scrapbooks/Clipping Volumes

Container List: 

Series 1: Correspondence

Box 1: 

Folder 1: Note from Samuel Gridley Howe to Anagnos signed “papa”, n. d. 

Folder 2: Copy of Letter from [M. Araparoronovlor] to unknown recipient, Greek language, 1886

Folder 3: Letter from Henry Bernard Carpenter to Anagnos, 1889

Folder 4: Note from L’Ecole Braille, quotes and test alphabet, using a writing frame or other mechanism, French language, 190[?]

Folder 4a: Draft and copies of letter from Anagnos to Florence Howe Hall (his sister-in-law), 1902

Folder 5: Letter from J. Sternheim, Societe de Patronage des Aveugles to Anagnos, 1906

Folder 6: Copy of Anagnos correspondence with Mr. N. F. Walker, and Mr. William Wade, 1906

Folder 7: Copy of letter from Anagnos to the librarian of Congress, 1897

Folder 8: Letter in Greek language from [Emmanuel Kokkinos], from an organization with an owl logo, 1876

Folder 9: Translations of letters from K. Panyayotescu (Anagnos’ uncle) and M. Anastasiu to John Parmenides, the Greek Consul at Boston, 1906

Folder 10: Copy of letter from Anagnos to F. Wolkins with accession letter, 1883, 1925

Folder 11: Letter from Anagnos to pupils in the Girls’ Dept. in Greek with translation, 1891

Folder 12: Copy of letter from Anagnos to Mr. Bledsoe, School for Colored Blind and Deaf, Baltimore, 1902

Series 2: Samuel Gridley Howe

Box 1: 

Folder 13: Letter with transcript from Samuel Gridley Howe to N. P. Willis, 1845

Folder 14: Clipping “An Immortal of Boston”, by W. D. Howells, unknown publication, Samuel Gridley Howe oration at corner-stone laying at the New York Institute for the Blind, 1866

Folder 15: Letter from Julia Ward Howe to the director of a club in Greece [Ragas], thanking him/her for a condolence letter sent after the death of Samuel Gridley Howe, ca. 1876

Folder 16: Order of St. [Sauvens], certificate in honor of Samuel Gridley Howe, Greece, n. d.

Folder 17: Resolutions on Dr. Howe’s death, Greek language, contains 2 translations of a condolence letter to Julia Ward Howe, 1876

Folder 18: Financial account, Howe Memorial Committee, 1901, 1902

Folder 19: Howe Centennial Committee reports of recording secretary, five meetings, 1901

Folder 20: Draft of address given by Julia Ward Howe at Howe Memorial, first page typed, subsequent pages possibly written by Julia Ward Howe, 1901

Folder 21: Address given at Howe Memorial, unknown author, 1901

Folder 21a: Manuscript about Howe Memorial proceedings, unknown author, 1901

Folder 22: Petition to establish Day of Remembrance for Samuel Gridley Howe, Graduate association of Perkins School for the Blind, n. d.

Subseries 1: Correspondence about the Howe Centennial Celebration sent to Miss Julia E. Burnham and Miss Gazella Bennett, members of the Howe Memorial Committee and the following invited guests in 1901 

Box 1 

Folder 23: W. M. Crane (Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Department), J. Irving Manatt (professor of Greek at Brown University), Lily Bell (Royal Normal College), Mrs. W. T. Owen, John V. Armstrong (Superintendent, Tennessee School for the Blind), John E. Ray (North Carolina Department of Education, School for Deaf and Blind), Edward E. Allen (Principal, The Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind, Overbrook)

Folder 24: J. Howard Hunter (Department of Insurance, Ontario), A. H. Dymond (Ontario Institution for the Blind), Richard Humphreys, George F. Hoar (Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate), W. H. P. Faunce (Brown University), Frank B. Sanborn (Howe biographer)

Folder 25: Rev. Edward Everett Hale

Note: letters appear in Proceedings at the celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe. November 11, 1901, published by the Perkins School for the Blind Alumnae Association. Available online here: http://archive.org/details/proceedingsatce00blingoog

Series 3: Laura Bridgman 

Box 1 

Folder 26: Extract from letter by Samuel Gridley Howe to Mrs. Sigourney, about Laura Bridgman, 1838

Folder 27: Letter from Samuel Breck, President of the Inst. for the Blind, Philadelphia, to Laura Bridgman, 1850

Folder 28: Letter from M. W. Sawyer to Mrs. Hall, about Laura Bridgman, 1889

Folder 29: Letter from Anagnos to Prof. G. S. Hall, Berlin, Germany, 1878

Folder 30: Transcript of Laura Bridgman’s autobiography, 1859

Folder 30a: Housing containing extracts of letters and newspaper clippings, Folders 31-33

Folder 31: Newspaper transcripts, extracts from letters, and notes about Laura Bridgman, 1841, 1884, 1885,   n.d.

Folder 32: Transcript from The Sunday Herald, account of Samuel Gridley Howe’s demonstration of Laura Bridgman’s knowledge for Congress, 1883

Folder 33: Transcript of newspaper article “Early Home of Laura Bridgman”, in The Watchman, 1885

Series 4: Julia Romana Anagnos 

Box 1 

Folders 34-37: Correspondence (brief note to Jenny), memorial, proceedings of the Metaphysical Club, clippings, 1883, 1884, 1886, n. d.

Series 5: Projects and Business Files, 1835-1946

Box 2 

Folder 38: Research Library inventory, 1835-1869

Folder 39: Supply, inventory, and other lists, n. d.

Folder 40: Handwritten extract from The School Journal about an incident with a fireplace/suffocation of students, 1840

Folder 41: Entrance card, Exposition for the Blind, Paris, 1878

Folder 42: Manuscript, Kindergarten appeal, Michael Anagnos, 1888

Folder 43: Handwritten draft, Annual Report, Institution and Kindergarten, 1890

Folder 44: Manuscript with pasted articles and excerpts, scrapbook, possibly draft of an Annual Report, ca. 1892

Folder 45: Report of the Industrial Outlook Committee, 1904

Folder 46-48: Capitol Campaign Meeting, 1903-1946

Folder 49: Program, letter from Julia Burnham, about 38th Anniversary of Greek Independence, 1904

Folder 50: Translation of pamphlet on Anagnos by J. L. Langworthy, 1924

Folder 51: Petition to Perkins’ Director to publish two line type books per year, n. d.

Folder 52: Notes sent to Mr. Anagnos on his birthday from the younger girls, n. d.

Folder 53: Images pulled from publications, Perkins’ campus buildings, 1900, 1916, n.d.

Folder 54: Handwritten notes, possibly by Anagnos, on Kindergarten, apparatus, teaching techniques, possibly notes for Annual Report, n. d.

Series 6: Alumnae Association, Anagnos Memorials, Founder's Day, Anagnos bios 

Box 3 

Folder 55: Anagnos genealogy, 1837-1906

Folder 56: Tribute to Anagnos, Alumnae Association, written by Miss Emilie Poulsson, 1901

Folder 57: Anagnos poem/memorial by Clara E. Whiton Stone, widow of Col. Henry Stone (former Perkins’ trustee), n. d.

Folder 58: Alumnae reunion, toast to Miss Bennett, 1901

Folder 59: Perkins’ Alumnae Association Fair for the benefit of blind women materials, correspondence with Miss Swinerton, about 20 letters, 1904

Folder 60: Perkins’ Alumnae Association Fair for the benefit of blind women materials, correspondence from Julia Ward Howe to Miss Swinerton, 1904

Folder 61: Perkins’ Alumnae Association Fair for the benefit of blind women correspondence from Florence Howe Hall, Maud Howe Elliot, and to Miss Swinerton, about attendance and writing an article, five letters, 1904

Folder 62: Anagnos memorial cards, ribbon, 1904, 1907, n. d.

Folder 63: Alumnae Association materials, sketch of life at Perkins by Miss. Bennett, ca. 1912

Folder 64: Commemorative exercises, 21st Anniversary of Kindergarten, 1913

Folder 65: Eulogy of Anagnos by Lenna G. Swinerton on Founder's Day, 1916

Folder 66: Paper on Anagnos by Mr. Edward H. Clement for the unveiling of the bust of Anagnos, 1916

Folder 67: Founder's Day program and address given by Helen M. Abbot with bio, 1918, 1925

Folder 68: An appreciation of Anagnos by Mary C. Moore, one of his assistants in the Girls’ Dept., 1932

Folder 69: Julia Burnham notes on Anagnos’ interest in Alumnae Association, 1934

Folder 70: Shorter paper on Anagnos by Anna Gardner Fish, written for Hellenic Association of Boston, 1936

Folder 71: Biographical sketch on Anagnos by Anna Gardner Fish, 1936

Folder 72: 50th Anniversary of the Kindergarten, 1937

Series 7: Clippings, 1870-1940 

Box 4 

Folders 1-24: 1870-1906

Box 5 

Folders: 25-48: 1906-1940

Series 8: Publications and Pamphlets, 1882-1941 

Box 5 

Folder 49: Education of the Blind, by Anagnos, 1882

Folder 50: Pamphlets in Greek language, 2 copies, 1892

Folder 51: Miss Maria Moulton, by Anagnos, 1893

Folder 52: The Kindergarten for the Blind, by Dinah Sturgis, 1895

Folder 53: American Association of Instructors for the Blind, Proceedings1896

Folder 54: Les Frères Hauy, pamphlet with maps, in French, circa 1900

Folder 54a: Through Education to Independence, by Anagnos, 1900

Folder 55: Unknown publication with article by Anagnos: “Schools for the Blind must be purely Educational in view of Existing Conditions”, 1904

Folder 56: Articles reprinted from Annual Reports and other sources on education, work, and manual training for the blind, 7 pamphlets, 1900-1906

Folder 57: Anagnos Memorial, 1906

Folder 58: French language publication on Valentin Hauy, 1906

Folder 58a: Michael Anagnos 1837-1906, 1907

Box 6 

Folder 59: “The Integrity of the Family a Vital Issue”, The Survey, by Joseph Lee, 1905

Folder 60: Embossed Books, Music, Maps, Appliances and Tangible Apparatus for Use of the Blind, Howe Memorial Press, 1910

Folder 61: Pamphlet with 3 articles: “Helps for the Mother of a Blind Child” by Amy K. Halfpenny, “The Blind Child” by F. Park Lewis, and “Suggestions for the Blind and their Friends” by Charles F. F. Campbell, 1913-1916

Folder 62: The Greek American Review, 1917, 1918

Folder 63: Publication with picture of Anagnos on the cover, in Greek language, 3 copies, 1923

Folder 64: Perkins’ Centennial Exercises, 1932

Folder 65: Michael Anagnos, by Anna Gardner Fish, 1937

Folder 66: 50th Anniversary of the Kindergarten, pamphlet, 1937

Folder 67: The Centenary of Michael Anagnos, a record of proceedings, 1937

Folder 68: [Ennae], publication in Greek language, 1941

Series 9: Anagnos Research Materials, Ken Stuckey files, Photocopies, 1980s-1990s 

Box 7 

Folders 1-21: Article photocopies, clippings, correspondence, bios, timelines, and memorials created/compiled by Perkins’ Research Librarian Ken Stuckey, 1980s-1990s

Series 10: Photographs, artifacts, and oversize items 

Box 8: 

1 Photograph album with Perkins’ teachers, pupils, directors, and buildings, circa 1860

3 Daguerreotypes in small velvet-lined cases (in poor condition), subjects: Abby B. Carter, soon after leaving Perkins Institution, Joseph B. Smith (see school files and 9th Annual Report), and possibly Sophia B. Carter and her pupil Charles B. Coddington (label separated from image), circa 1850

2 medals/ribbons: one labeled “16th Biennial Convention Instructors of the Blind, Raleigh, July 1902”

2 Teeth, removed from Anagnos’ skull when his body was exhumed in the late 1970s. Note: “2 Teeth- Michael Anagnos. Given to Kenneth A. Stuckey in May, 1981 By Ioannis Papaioannou in Konitsa, Greece, during the Perkins Scout Trip. These teeth it was understood were taken from the skull of Michael Anagnos when his grave was opened a few years before when measurements were made for a bust of Anagnos to be placed and was placed in the village of Papingo where Anagnos was born- signed Kenneth A. Stuckey”

1 Gold frame

1 leather frame with printed picture of Anagnos

Box 9: 

Photographs of Anagnos, many formal portraits, prints removed from memorial publication (many duplicates), group portraits, and images of the Anagnos bust (outdoor statue)

Box 10: 

Wooden box with 80 tactile portrait medallions, gift from Anagnos (to Perkins?), 1900

Box 11: 

“Flowers from the Holy Land”, Book of photographs and pressed flowers and herbaria from Jerusalem, 1909

Box 12: (Oversize box)

1 Publication: “Hellenic-American Suite”, by George Alevizos, 1937

1 certificate of achievement, Anagnos, in Greek language, 1900

2 certificates of achievement, Anagnos, in French language, 1901

1 Embossed book (Boston Line Type): Memoir of Michael Anagnos, printed by the Howe Memorial Press, 1907

Series 11: Bound Scrapbooks/Clipping Volumes 

Box 13 

Volume 1: Newspaper Notices, Vol. 1, 1825-1876

Volume 2: Newspaper Notices, Vol. 2, 1877-1906

Volume 3: Newspaper Notices, 1882-1890

Volume 4: Kindergarten Newspaper Notices, 1891-1906

Volume 5: M. Anagnos, Newspaper Clippings, 1884-1908

Volume 6: M. Anagnos, Clippings from Greek Newspapers, 1890-1907

Volume 7: Perkins Institution Commencement Exercises, 1878-1905

Volume 8: Michael Anagnos In Memoriam, Newspaper Clippings, 1906-1907

Subject Headings: 

Anagnostopoulos, Michael, 1837-1906
Anagnos, Michael
Bridgman, Laura Dewey, 1829-1889
Howe, Julia Ward, 1819-1910
Howe, S. G. (Samuel Gridley), 1801-1876
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