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Collection is comprised of 21 items sent to Perkins School for the Blind beginning in 1925, and ending in 2009. All pertain to documenting the historical importance of Louis Braille. 

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Jane Pipik, 2019

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Blind from age 3, Louis Braille was 15 when he invented the script braille system at the Institute for Blind Children in Paris, France.  He later included musical notes and a 64th permutation with no dots, otherwise known as a 'space'. His book “Method of Writing Words, Music and Plain Song by Means of Dots, for Use by the Blind and Arranged by Them” was published in 1926. He later became a teacher at the school, specializing in science and music.  He died of tuberculosis in 1852 at age 43.

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Louis Braille Collection, Perkins School for the Blind

This collection is primarily comprised of postcards, photos, one stamp, one silver dollar, and one braille card concerning tributes to Louis Braille’s life and work. Included are photos of Braille busts, printed postcards of Braille birthplace and home scenes, photographs of early Louis Braille printing in French script LINE TYPE circa 1949, a 1952 printed song to Louis Braille written in Braille from Algeria, a 1964 French postage stamp of Braille, a 1980 postcard of Argentina Monument to Louis Braille, and a 2009 Bicentennial U.S. silver dollar.


1 Series, 1 box arranged chronologically
Series 1: 1925-2009

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B1:F1 = Box 1: Folder 1

Box: 1:

B1:F1: Two photos of two Louis Braille Busts, circa 1925

B1:F2: Louis Braille French postage stamp, 1948

B1:F3: Seven photographs of Line Printing by Louis Braille in French script, 1949

B1:F4: Tribute to Louis Braille in braille with typed English translation attached to original cardboard stamped “envelope”, 1952

B1:F5: Seven Postcard photographs of the birthplace and other home scenes of Louis Braille, 1954.

B1:F6: Two postcard photos of Braille Bust from image Argentina, 1980

B1:F7: One 2009 Uncirculated Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar, 2009

B1:F5 Seven Postcard Photographs of the birthplace and other home scenes of Louis Braille brought from Paris by E. J. Waterhouse, 1954.
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Braille, Louis, -1809-1952.

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