Julia Ward Howe Collection Finding Aid

Samuel P. Hayes Research Library
Perkins School for the Blind
175 N. Beacon Street
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Date Range: 
1845-1992, bulk 1845-1960
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2 linear feet
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Processed by Molly Stothert-Maurer, 2012. 

Biographical/Historical notes: 

Julia Ward Howe was a prominent suffragist, author, and poet. She was married to Samuel Gridley Howe the founding director of the Perkins School for the Blind. Julia Ward Howe is best known as the author of The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

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Julia Ward Howe Collection, Perkins School for the Blind.

JWH= Julia Ward Howe

Series 1: Correspondence Transcripts

Series 2: Original Correspondence

Series 3: Writings by JWH, 1861-1910

Series 4: JWH Centenary, 1919

Series 5: Photographs and prints

Series 6: Writings about JWH, clippings, oversize items

Series 7: Books

Container List: 

Series 1: Correspondence Transcripts

Box 1:

Folder 1-5: Letters from Florence Nightingale, transcripts, 1845-1850

Folder 6: Letter from Theodore Parker, transcript, 1850

Folder 7: Letter from James Freeman Clark, transcript, 1865

Series 2: Original Correspondence

Box 1:

Folder 8: Letter from JWH to Dr. Parker, 1876

Folder 9: Note by JWH, n. d.

Series 3: Writings by JWH, 1861-1910

Box 1:

Folder 10: The Atlantic Monthly, 1861-1863

Folder 11a: Newspaper clippings, 1862-1909

Folder 11b: Newspaper clippings, 1917-1919

Folder 12: Annual Meeting of the New England Women’s Club, 1873

Folder 13: Poems, programs, articles, songs, 1881-1909

Folder 14: Songs of the War, Century Magazine, title written in JWH’s own handwriting on cover, 1887

Folder 15: Comments in Annual Reports of Kindergarten for the Blind, 1900-1904

Folder 16: JWH’s remarks at the Howe Memorial Exercises, 1908

Folder 17: Words of JWH at her last visit to Perkins, 1910

Folder 18: "The Greatest Men That I Have Known", The Delineator, n. d.

Folder 19: Memoir of Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe, 1876

Series 4: JWH Centenary, 1919

Box 1:

Folder 20-22: Papers and notes to E. E. Allen

Folder 23: Photocopies of clippings

Folder 24: Talk about JWH given by Mrs. Allen to the New England Women’s Club, n. d.

Series 5: Photographs and prints

Box 1:

Folder 25: Photographs and prints, first-day cover, and one small bouquet of pressed flowers with note from Julia Romana Howe, 7 items and 2 old mat boards.

Series 6:

Writings about JWH, clippings, oversize items

Box 2:

Folder 26: Mrs. Howe sits down with Mr. Carlyle, 1881 (2 copies)

Folder 27-29: Writings about JWH, clippings, 1850-1909

Folder 30-34: Writings about JWH, clippings, 1910

Folder 35-37: Writings about JWH, clippings, 1911-1918

Folder 38: Writings about JWH, clippings, 1920-1960

Box 3: Folder 39-40: Duplicate writings about JWH, clippings

Folder 41: Lexis-Nexis articles on JWH, printed 1987

Folder 42: Writings about JWH, clippings, 1979-1992

Box 4:

Oversize clippings box, mostly full newspaper articles, posters, magazine clippings, over 100 items.

Box 5:

Plaster relief sculpture of JWH by F. Skipp (original), n. d.

Box 6:

Plaster replica of plaster relief sculpture of JWH by F. Skipp, 2012

Box 7:

Mold of relief sculpture of JWH by F. Skipp, 2012

On display in Perkins’ Museum: Resin replica of Plaster relief sculpture of JWH by F. Skipp, n. d.

On display in Perkins’ Museum: Lace Cap. This cap was a signature accessory of Julia Ward Howe in her later years, and nearly every image of her portrays her wearing it. Donated by Howe family descendants.

Series 7: Books

Julia Ward Howe: girl of old New York, by Jean Brown Wagoner, 1945 (2 copies)

Julia Ward Howe 1819-1910, Vol. I and Vol. II, by Laura E. Richards and Maud Howe Elliot, has a letter from the publisher, pasted program from JWH memorial services, and handwritten note from unknown author inserted into Vol. I

Julia Ward Howe and the Woman Suffrage Movement, by Florence Howe Hall, 1913 (2 copies)

From Sunset Ridge: Poems Old and New, by JWH, 1898


Uncle Sam Ward and His Circle, by Maud Howe Elliot, 1938


Words for the Hour, by JWH, 1856

The Eleventh Hour in the Life of Julia Ward Howe, by Maud Howe, 1911

Reminiscences 1819-1899, by JWH, 1900

The World’s Own, by JWH, 1857

Later Lyrics, by JWH, 1887

Three Saints and a Sinner, by Louise Hall Tharp, 1956

Modern Society, by JWH, 1881

Margaret Fuller, by Julia Ward Howe, 1883


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