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Jessica Langworthy

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1920-1934, bulk 1922-1925
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Jessica L. Langworthy worked at Perkins from 1892 until 1936. During that time she served as a teacher, principal, and taught “Special Methods,” a course that was part of the teacher training courses at Harvard taught by Perkins director Edward E. Allen. This collection documents Dr. Jessica Langworthy’s work with the Perkins Harvard Teacher Training program. It includes essays, notes, lectures, and reading notes covering topics such as education of children who are blind, teaching methods, curriculum topics, and the role of the teacher.

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Susanna Coit, 2020

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Following Jessica L. Langworthy’s graduation from Smith College in 1892, she worked at Perkins until 1936. During that time, she served as a teacher of English in the Boys’ School (1892-1917), a principal of the Boys’ Department (1918-1925), and taught a course at Harvard starting in February of 1926. The course, “Special Methods” of teaching blind youth, was part of the teacher training courses taught by Perkins director, Edward E. Allen.

Langworthy became the assistant of Dr. Edward E. Allen in his Harvard course on the Education of the Blind in 1925. In February of 1926 she developed a course in "special methods" of teaching the blind, supplementing the Harvard course and supplying the practice to match its theory and background. Langworthy served as Harvard Class Tutorial Guide and Head of the Special Methods course from 1925-1936. She is also credited with helping Director Allen get his Harvard course started.  Langworthy received a Doctor of Education from Harvard in 1928. (Fish, 3)

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Fish, Anna G. "Jessica L. Langworthy." The Lantern, 15 June 1938, p. 3.

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AG152 Jessica Langworthy Teacher Training Papers, Perkins School for the Blind Archives, Watertown MA

This collection documents Dr. Jessica Langworthy’s work with the Perkins Harvard Teacher Training program. The collection includes her essays, lectures, and reading notes between 1920 and 1934. Topics include education of children who are blind, the role of the teacher of the blind, her own teaching methods and experiences, and specific curriculum topics. 


B1:F1 = Box 1: Folder 1

The collection is arranged in five series. The contents of each series represents the content of one binder. The order of the essays in the series is the order that they were arranged in the binder.

5 Series, 1 box

Series 1: Original housing

Series 2: Book V - Various essays, 1920-1926, bulk 1920-1922

Series 3: Book VI - Various essays, 1925-1933, bulk 1925-1926

Series 4: Book VII - Notes of reading and lectures, undated

Series 5: Book VII - Harvard class, 1925, 1934


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Series 1: Original Housing

B1:F1: Original housing

Series 2: Book V, 1920-1926

B1:F2: Book V - Original housing and front matter

B1:F3: “School Efficiency”, 1922

B1:F4: “Grading in the Boys’ Department”, 1922

B1:F5: “Some Elements of Success”, 1920

B1:F6: “The Teacher”, 1921

B1:F7: [Essay about writing methods, 1921]

B1:F8: “Studying”, 1921

B1:F9: “Further Thoughts on Studying”, 1922

B1:F10: “The Study of Latin”, undated

B1:F11: “Special Methods, 1925-1926”, 1926

Series 3: Book VI, 1925-1933

B1:F12: Book VI - Original housing

B1:F13: “Blindness in Fiction”, 1925, 1929

B1:F14: “Early Education of Blind Children”, 1925

B1:F15: “The Education and Social Needs of the Blind Child”, 1925

B1:F16: “Planning Our Lives”, 1925

B1:F17: “Problems to be met in obtaining a world of freedom…”, 1926

B1:F18: “Course for the training of teachers of the blind...1925-1936”, 1926

B1:F19: “Prospectus: Special Methods, 1926-1927”, 1926

B1:F20: “Play in the Education of a Blind Child”, 1926

B1:F21: “The Pre-School Blind Child”, 1926

B1:F22: “An Appreciation”, undated

B1:F23: “Definitions”, undated

B1:F24: “The Changing School”, 1933

Series 4: Book VII, undated

B1:F25: Book VII - Original housing

B1:F26: “Introduction to the Study of Education”, undated

Series 5: Book VII, 1925, 1934

B1:F27: Book VII - Harvard Class - original housing

B1:F28: “The Aims of Education”, undated

B1:F29: “The Field of Social Understanding”, undated

B1:F30: “The Training of Teachers”, 1930

B1:F31: “Notes on the Child Centered School…”, undated

B1:F32: “Some Suggestions to Teachers of Blind Children”, 1925, 1934

B1:F33: “An Experiment in Teaching Astronomy”, undated

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Perkins School for the Blind.

Perkins School for the Blind--History.

Teacher Training.

Allen, Edward E. 

Smith College.

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