Hayes-Binet and Perkins-Binet Tests of Intelligence for the Blind Collection Finding Aid

Samuel P. Hayes Research Library
Perkins School for the Blind
175 N. Beacon Street
Watertown, MA 02472



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Circa 1920-1980, bulk dates 1920-1955
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This collection is chiefly comprised of various intelligence testing materials, some in Braille. Also included in this collection are the original writings of Samuel P. Hayes, pieces of correspondence addressed to Samuel P. Hayes, administrative and school information, bound volumes containing Perkins-Binet test analyses, and a wooden peg board.

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Processed by Emily Church, 2012

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(2011).Intelligence testing for the visually impaired.

McGinnity, B.L., Seymour-Ford, J. and Andries, K.J. (2004) Kindergarten. Perkins History Museum, Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown, MA. 

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Hayes-Binet and Perkins-Binet Tests of Intelligence for the Blind Collection. Perkins School for the Blind

14 Containers

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Box 1

Folders 1-6 and folder 137 in box 3: Administrative and school information

Folders 8-1: Samuel P. Hayes original writings and correspondence

Folders 14-47: Subject-specific tests

Folders 48-50: High School Achievement tests

Folders 51-57:  Stanford Achievement tests

Box 2

Folders 58-60: Stanford Achievement tests

Folders 61-73: Vocational, personality, and behavioral testing materials. Folder 74 in box 3 contains additional personality testing material

Folders 75-119:  Other intelligence testing materials

Folders 120-123: Braille and other related testing materials

Box 3

Folder 74: Miscellaneous personality testing materials

Folder 7: Perkins summer school for mothers and blind babes lecture notes

Folder 124: Braille testing material

Folders 125-129: Test keys for Stanford Achievement tests

Box 4

Folders 130-132: Test keys for Stanford and Metropolitan Achievement tests

Folders 133-136: Miscellaneous publications

Folder 137: Student profile charts for Pinter Mental Ability Test

Boxes 5-12: Bound volumes containing Perkins-Binet test analyses

Box 13: 1964 Holiday magazine

Box 14: Wooden peg board

Subject Headings: 

Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind.

Perkins School for the Blind.

Achievement Tests.

Blind--Intelligence testing.

Stanford--Binet Test. 

Hayes, Samuel Perkins, 1874-1958.

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