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Perkins School for the Blind

Date Range: 
Circa 1920-1980, bulk dates 1920-1955
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The bulk of this collection is comprised of various intelligence testing materials, some in braille. Also included are original writings of Samuel P. Hayes, pieces of correspondence addressed to Samuel P. Hayes, administrative and school information, bound volumes containing Perkins-Binet test analyses, and a wooden peg board.

6 linear feet; 14 containers; 2 boxes, 2 legal document boxes; 10 oversize items
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Emily Church, 2012; Susanna Coit, 2020 (reviewed, inventory created)

Biographical/Historical notes: 

Dr. Samuel P. Hayes, a psychologist at Perkins SChool for the Blind between 1920 and 1958, is credited with creating the first psychological testing tool for measuring the mental ability of children with visual impairment. He adapted the Stanford-Binet testing program to create the Hayes-Binet Tests of Intelligence for the Blind in 1942, which was instrumental in demonstrating to the world that there is no significant difference in intelligence between individuals with visual impairments and those without. The Perkins-Binet tests succeeded theHayes-Biney tests in 1980. It was later discovered that the Perkins-Binet tests had validity issues and was removed from the market.

Sources of information: 

(2011).Intelligence testing for the visually impaired.

McGinnity, B.L., Seymour-Ford, J. and Andries, K.J. (2004) Kindergarten. Perkins History Museum, Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown, MA. 

Perkins School for the Blind. (1958). Perkins Annual Report. Watertown, MA.

Folders 1, 6, 31, 46a, 54, 69, 82, and 139 are restricted due to privacy concerns. Many of the materials in this collection are under copyright and may not be photographed or scanned.
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AG80 Hayes-Binet and Perkins-Binet Tests of Intelligence for the Blind Collection. Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown, MA.

This collection contains various intelligence tests and testing materials, some in braille. The collection also includes original writings of Samuel P. Hayes, as well as some correspondence regarding the intelligence tests. Notes about the intelligence tests, and the process for testing children who are blind or visually impaired are also included. There are also bound volumes of raw data and analyses of the Perkins-Binet test (with no corresponding keys), a wooden peg board, and publications.


B1:F1 = Box 1: Folder 1

SPH = Samuel P. Hayes

Folders are numbered sequentially through the entire collection.

Container List: 

Box: 1

B1:F1: Student lists, 1950-1960 [Restricted]

B1:F2: “Sample Cases of Feeble-Minded Children discharged from Perkins”, 1955

B1:F3: Perkins Administrative Information, 1964-1965

B1:F4: Perkins School for the Blind - Fire Regulations, undated

B1:F5: Personnel, 1965, undated

B1:F6: Johnny Harris outlook, 1944 [Restricted]

B1:F7: [There is no Folder 7]

B1:F8: “A Standard Graduation Examination for Elementary Schools for the Blind” by SPH, 1939

B1:F9: “The Use of Tests in the Educational and Vocational Guidance of the Blind” by SPH AAIB, 1940

B1:F10: “How Shall We Go About Testing in Our Schools” by SPH, APA, 1950

B1:F11: “Arithmetic: Teaching and Testing in Schools for the Blind” by SPH, 1944

B1:F12: SPH Original Articles, 1929-1948

B1:F13: Miscellaneous SPH papers, undated

B1:F14: Diagnostic Arithmetic Tests, undated

B1:F15: Biology Tests, 1924

B1:F16: Miscellaneous Language Tests, circa 1920s

B1:F17: Miscellaneous Geography Tests, undated

B1:F18: Miscellaneous American History Tests, 1920, 1932

B1:F19: American Council Economies Test, 1929

B1:F20: Ruch-Popenoe General Science Test, 1923, 1926

B1:F21: Wilson Language Error Tests, 1923

B1:F22: The Illinois Examination, 1920

B1:F23: Wide Range Achievement Test, 1944

B1:F24: Form A, Diagnostic Test, McCormick-Mathers Co., undated

B1:F25: Miscellaneous Latin Tests, undated

B1:F26: Miscellaneous Attainment Scales, undated

B1:F27: Gates Test of Phonetic Ability, undated

B1:F28: Miscellaneous Physics Tests, undated

B1:F29: Miscellaneous Physical Tests, undated

B1:F30: Grid for Evaluating Physical Fitness, undated

B1:F31: Physical Fitness Evaluations, Upper School Boys, undated [Restricted]

B1:F32: First Year Readiness Test -- II, 1947-1948

B1:F33: Gates Silent Reading Test, 1926, 1927 ; Gates Basic Reading Test, 1942

B1:F34: Miscellaneous Reading Tests and Order Forms, undated

B1:F35: Miscellaneous Reading Tests, undated

B1:F36: Van Wagenen Reading Scales, circa 1922

B1:F37: Monroe’s Silent Reading Test, undated

B1:F38: Nassau-Hillegas Scale, WIlling, Ingles-Vocabulary, undated

B1:F39: Miscellaneous Vocabulary tests, undated

B1:F40: Miscellaneous Music Tests, circa 1920s

B1:F41: Kepner Social Science Tests,, 1924

B1:F42: Mechanical Ability Tests, 1922, undated

B1:F43: Boston Psychopathic Hospital - Manual Dexterity Testing, 1925

B1:F44: Blanton-STinchfield Speech Measurements, 1923

B1:F45: Gates Graded Word Pronunciation Test, undated

B1:F46: Miscellaneous Speech Tests, circa 1920s

B1:F46a: Speech Tests, 1923, 1927 [Restricted]

B1:F47: Salesmanship Tests, undated

B1:F48: Sones-Harry High School Achievement Test, 1929

B1:F49: Myers-Ruen High School Progress Test, 1936-1938

B1:F50: Standard Graduation Examination, undated

B1:F51: Stanford Achievement Test, 1940

B1:F52: Stanford Achievement Test, Forms A-B, 1922, 1929

B1:F53: Stanford Achievement Test, Forms DM, EM, and FM, 1941

B1:F54: Stanford Achievement Test, Partial Form G, 1942 [Restricted]

B1:F55: Stanford Achievement Tests, Forms V, W, X, Y, Z, 1929-1931

B1:F56: Stanford Achievement Tests, Form M and Part A, 1955

B1:F57: Stanford Achievement Test, Intermediate Partial H, 1946

Box 2:

B2:F58: Stanford Achievement Tests, Form K and L, 1954

B2:F59: Stanford Achievement Test, Form M, 1952-1954

B2:F60: Stanford Achievement Test, Form M, 1955

B2:F61: Vocational Testing Materials, undated

B2:F62: Vocational Inventory, Curtis G. Gentry, 1940

B2:F63: Miscellaneous Occupational Testing Material, undated

B2:F64: Character Rating Tests, undated

B2:F65: B4-F. The Personality Inventory, 1935

B2:F66: California Test of Personality, 1939-1953

B2:F67: California Test of Mental Maturity, 1936-1946

B2:F68: The Personal Audit, 1945

B2:F69: Interest Inventory - 6th grade at Perkins, undated

B2:F70: Inventory of Social Behavior, 1941

B2:F71: The Humm-Wadsworth Temperament Scale, 1934

B2:F72: Downey Group Will-Temperament Test, 1922

B2:F73: Aspects of Personality, 1937-1938

B2:F74: [There is no Folder 74]

B2:F75: Kitson Tests, undated

B2:F76: Indiana University, Mental Survey, undated

B2:F77: The Minnesota Rate of Manipulation Tests, 1969

B2:F78: The Ohio Recognition Scale, 1950-1951, 1946

B2:F79: Rhode Island Intelligence Test, undated

B2:F80: Pennsylvania Bi-Manual Work Sample, 1969

B2:F81: Army Alpha Test, undated

B2:F82: Kent’s Andover School Entrance Tests, 1944 [Restricted]

B2:F83: Kent EGY Test Revision, 1941

B2:F84: Kent Rosanoff Association Test, undated

B2:F85: Kindergarten Achievement Tests, 1920

B2:F86: A Test of Liberal Thought, 1924

B2:F87: Mental Survey Tests, undated

B2:F88: Moral Judgment Testimony Completed Tests, undated

B2:F89: Multi-Mental Scale, 1925

B2:F90: The Ohio Literacy Test, undated

B2:F91: Otis Classification Test, 1922

B2:F92: Patterson Scale, undated

B2:F93: Comprehensive Test Program, undated

B2:F94: Miscellaneous Clerical Tests, undated

B2:F95: Coxe-Orleans Prognosis of Teaching Ability, 1930

B2:F96: I.E.R. Intelligence Scale, CAVD, 1926

B2:F97: General Mental Abilities Tests, 1932, 1947

B2:F98: Score Sheets, Atkins Object Fitting Test, Form-Board Test, 1931

B2:F99: Charts for Testing Vision, undated

B2:F100: Diagnostic Tests, The Harter School Supply Co, undated

B2:F101: The Dearborn Group Tests of Intelligence, 1920, 1922

B2:F102: Correlation Aids, Otis Charts, undated

B2:F103: Metropolitan Achievement Tests, 1947

B2:F104: Progressive Achievement Tests, 1937

B2:F105: Other Intelligence Tests, undated

B2:F106: Exercises in Judging Poetry, 1921

B2:F107: Rapid Survey Intelligence Test, undated

B2:F108: Classification Tests for Senior and Primary Students, undated 

B2:F109: Pressey Cross-Out and Group Point Tests, undated

B2:F110: Psychoanalysis Preliminary Testing, undated

B2:F111: Psychographic Record Blanks, 1926

B2:F112: Reasoning Judgement Tests, 1941-1942

B2:F113: Randall’s Island Performance Series blanks, undated

B2:F114: Suggestions - Terman, undated

B2:F115: Social Intelligence Test, undated

B2:F116: Teaching Aptitude Test, 1927

B2:F117: Testimony Experiment - Visual Word Stimulus, undated ; Auditory Stimulus, undated

B2:F118: Tryout Tests, undated

B2:F119: Washburn Social Adjustment Inventory, 1936

B2:F120: Jeanette Cionette - Teaching Materials, undated

B2:F121: Testing material, undated

B2:F122: Braille Testing Material, Form J, undated

B2:F123: Braille pages, undated

Box 3:

B3:F124: Form J, tactile clock, testing materials [Braille], undated

B3:F124a: Miscellaneous Personality and Behavior Testing, undated

B3:F124b: Perkins Summer School for Mothers and Blind Babies, notes on lectures, 1945

B3:F125: Metropolitan Achievement Test Keys [Braille], undated

B3:F126: Metropolitan Achievement Tests Keys, Intermediate [Braille], undated

B3:F127: Metropolitan Achievement Tests Keys, Advanced [Braille], undated

B3:F128: Stanford Achievement Tests Keys, Form J [Braille], undated

B3:F129: Stanford Achievement Tests KEyes, Form J [Braille], undated

Box 4:

B4:F130: Stanford Achievement Test Keys [Braille], undated

B4:F131: Stanford Achievement Test Keys, Form J [Braille], undated

B4:F132: Kuder AH Personal Keys [Braille], undated

B4:F133: Flyers, Ads, and other miscellaneous ephemera, undated

B4:F134: Miscellaneous Testing Materials and other publications, circa 1930-1940

B4:F135: Miscellaneous publications, circa 1920s

B4:F136: Miscellaneous publications, 1948, 1961, 1962

B4:F137: Student Profile Charts for Pinter Mental Ability Test, 1945 [Restricted]

Box 5:

Oversize bound volume: Perkins-Binet #1 and #2, Entire Group  [raw data]

Box 6:

Oversize bound volume: Perkins-Binet #3, Usable Vision  [raw data]

Box 7:

Oversize bound volume: Perkins-Binet #4, Entire, Usable, Non-vision [raw data]

Box 8:

Oversize bound volumes: Perkins-Binet #5 and #6, Entire, Usable, Non-usable [raw data]

Box 9:

Oversize binders: Perkins-Binet #7 and #8, Non-usable vision [raw data]

Box 10:

Oversize bound volumes: Perkins-Binet #9 and #10, Usable vision [raw data]

Box 11:

Oversize bound volumes: Perkins-Binet #11 and #12, Non-usable vision [raw data]

Box 12:

Oversize bound volumes: Perkins-Binet #13 and #14 [raw data

Box 13:

Oversized item: Holiday, October 1964 (publication)

Box 14:

3-D Object: Wooden peg board

Subject Headings: 

Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind.

Perkins School for the Blind.

Achievement Tests.

Blind--Intelligence testing.

Stanford--Binet Test. 

Hayes, Samuel Perkins, 1874-1958.

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