George H. Richards Watertown Campus Correspondence

Samuel P. Hayes Research Library
Perkins School for the Blind
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Watertown, MA 02472


Allen, Edward E. (Edward Ellis), 1861-1950, author; Parker, William Stanley, author; Richards, George H., collector; Sturgis, R. Clipston (Richard Clipston), 1860-1951, author

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The George H. Richards Watertown Campus Correspondence 1907-1918 collection contains correspondence collected by the office of George H. Richards, Perkins’s building committee chairman, in reference to land purchase, planning, building, and upkeep for the Perkins Watertown Campus. Correspondence is primarily authored by the office of R. Clipston Sturgis, the architect.

1 manuscript box, 1 narrow manuscript box, 1 oversize box (2.5 linear feet)
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Ashley Williams, 2017

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Richard Clipston Sturgis (1860 –1951) generally known as R. Clipston Sturgis, was born a Boston native. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Art from Harvard in 1881 and began his career as an architect working for his uncle, John Hubbard Sturgis, at the office of Sturgis and Brigham. He took over his uncle’s business in 1886 and retired in 1932. During his lifetime, he served as the president of the Boston Society of Architects and both president and vice president for the American Institute of Architects. He is most known for his roles in building the First National Bank of Boston, Perkins Institution for the Blind Watertown Campus, and the Arlington Town Hall.

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George H. Richards Watertown Campus Correspondence 1907-1918, Perkins School for the Blind

This collection documents correspondences regarding the planning, building, and upkeep of the Perkins Institution Watertown Campus. Blueprints, planning sketches, bills, postcards, contracts, and leases are a few of the items included among the letters. George H. Richards was the primary recipient of these letters, but some major correspondents include Edward E. Allen, R. Clipston Sturgis, Horton and Hemenway, Hollis French and Allen Hubbard, Richard M. Saltonstall, and William Endicott. Correspondences cover topics such as the purchase of the Stickney Estate, construction bids, campus repairs, organs, and a bell donation from the Wheelwright family.


3 boxes maintained in original order, arranged chronologically backward from 1918-1907

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B1:F1 = Box 1: Folder 1

OS= Oversized

incl.= includes

Box: 1

B1:F1:  Correspondence October 1918-July 1918

B1:F2:  Correspondence May 1916-April 1916

B1:F3: Correspondence December 1915-March 1915

B1:F4: Correspondence February 1915- January 1915

B1:F5: Correspondence December 1914-July 1914

B1:F6: Correspondence April 1914-August 1913

B1:F7: Correspondence June 1913-April 1913

B1:F8: Correspondence in Reference to the Death of Joseph Rodrigo

B1:F9: Correspondence April 1913-February 1913

B1:F10: Correspondence January 1913

B1:F11: Correspondence December 1912-November 1912

B1:F12: Correspondence October 1912-September 1912

B1:F13: Correspondence August 1912-July 1912

B1:F14: Correspondences in Reference to Wheelright Bell Donation

B1:F15: Correspondence July 1912-June 1912

B1:F16: Correspondence May 1912-April 1912

B1:F17: Correspondence March 1912

B1:F18: Correspondence March 1912-February 1912

B1:F19: Correspondence January 1912-December 1911

B1:F20: Correspondence November 1911

B1:F21: Correspondence November 1911-October 1911

B1:F22: Correspondence October 1911-September 1911

B1:F23: Correspondence August 1911-July 1911

B1:F24: Correspondence June 1911-May 1911

B1:F25: Correspondence April 1911-March 1911

B1:F26: Correspondence February 1911

B1:F27: Correspondence January 1911-December 1910

B1:F28: Correspondence November 1910

B1:F29: Correspondence October 1910-September 1910

B1:F30: Correspondence August 1910-July 1910

B1:F31: Correspondence June 1910

B1:F32: Correspondence May 1910-April 1910

B1:F33: Correspondence March 1910-February 1910

B1:F34: Correspondence January 1910

B1:F35: Undated Unsigned Handwritten Note

B1:F36: Correspondence December 1909

B1:F37: Correspondence November 1909-October 1909

B1:F38: Williams Stanley Parker Letter & Institution Sketch

B1:F39: Correspondence September 1909-August 1909

B1:F40: Correspondence July 1909

Box 2

B2:F1: Undated Unsigned Handwritten Note

B2:F2: Correspondence July 1909-March 1909

B2:F3: O’Connell Real Estate

B2:F4: Correspondence March 1909

B2:F5: Undated Postcard

B2:F6: Correspondence Feb 1909 [incl. Property description]

B2:F7: Correspondence February 1909-December 1908

Box 3

B3:F1: Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind General Layout by R. Clipston Sturgis

B3:F2: W.L. Waples Company Contract

B3:F3: The Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind Floor Plans

B3:F4: Horton & Hemenway Contract Amendment

B3:F5: Perkins Institution Watertown Campus Layout, R. Clipston Sturgis

B3:F6: Itemized Bill, July 12, 1911    

B3:F7: Kindergarten & Institution Account, February 1910

B3:F8: Stickney Estate Lease, March 1909

B3:F9: Property Boundary Drawing

B3:F10: Stickney Estate Lease, December 1907

This collection was accumulated by the office of George H. Richards.
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Allen, Edward E. (Edward Ellis), 1861-195


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