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Eino Friberg and his wife Adele seated on a couch, circa 1970.


Eino Friberg

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Contains materials related to the life and work Eino Friberg. The collection contains correspondence, clippings, writings, publications, photographs, materials related to the translation of the Kalevala, and other memorabilia including an award, a game, Friberg’s Braille tablet, framed photographs, and a collection of audio cassettes. Many materials are in Braille and a few in the Finnish language. 

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Molly Stothert-Maurer, 2011

Biographical/Historical notes: 

Eino Friberg was born in Marikarvia, Finland in 1901. He moved to the United States in 1906 and died at the age of 94 in 1995. Friberg was blinded as a child through an accident involving an exploding soda bottle. Friberg is a graduate of the Perkins School for the Blind. 

Friberg was called a “renaissance man”. He engaged in many activities, and was an author, poet, playwright, union organizer, English-Finnish translator, minister, machinist, tree farmer, and even started his own experimental school (Harvard Crimson, 1976). 

Friberg studied at Boston University and Harvard. Harvard later created a Finnish literature award in Friberg’s honor for his major life-work: the translation of the Finnish epic tale the Kalevala, which took twelve years (New York Times, 1995). His wife Adele aided in the translation by reading to Friberg, she died in 1985. They have two daughters Sandra Friberg and Jill Ryan (New York Times).

Sources of information: 

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Eino Friberg Collection. Perkins School for the Blind.
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Box 1: Folder: 1-10: Correspondence 

Folder: 11-20: Clippings and publications

Folder 21-28: Poems, Sonnets, and Plays 

Folder 29: Notes, on index cards, partly in Braille, one original wooden box to hold them. 

Possibly part of Braille dictionary project.

Box 2: Folder 1-6: Correspondence, Braille,1967, 1988, 1992, 1994, note from Adele, Thelma, Valerie  Varrett

Folder 7-13: Writings, Braille- Poetry, plays, articles, 1937-1959, 1995

Folder 14-17: Unlabeled Braille pages

Box 3: Book materials: “The Conscious Light”, 1959. 2 bound volumes of Braille pages “Incomplete Notes-Conscious Light- Jan. 14, 1958-Dec. 6, 1958. Part I, and Part II”

Box 4: Notes in Braille for the “Kalevala” translation project. Four bound Braille volumes labeled “Runo” 10, 20, 34-38

Box 5: Notes in Braille for the “Kalevala” translation project, includes information related to accession records and catalog entries.

Box 6: Notes in Braille for the “Kalevala” translation project

Box 7: Publications. “Englantilais Suomalainen Sanakirja”, “Finnish-English General Dictionary”, “Kalevala” (4 volumes)

Box 8: Braille slate and stylus 

Box 9: Award plaque: Suomi College Kalevala Award

Box 10: “Innings” game with board, card, instructions, and score cards.

Box 11: Photographs, 6 framed photographs wrapped in tissue paper, 4 folders of photographs, collection of printed cloth patch collectibles with images from popular culture from cigarette packs

Box 12: Audio cassettes (18, 2 with related correspondence)

Box 13: Friberg Publications (informally published, used in library collection)

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Friberg, Eino

Perkins School for the Blind

Perkins School for the Blind--History.


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