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The collection includes departmental and research notes, reports, and summaries created as part of the work done by the Department of Personnel and Research between 1932 and 1943. Because reports include sensitive information about individual students and include identifiable information, the collection is restricted to protect student privacy. 

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In the 1932 Annual Report, Perkins School for the Blind announced that the Department of Applied Psychology, speech correction work, and the Department of Experimental Studies would be merged to create the Department of Personnel and Research. Directed by Kathryn E. Maxfield, the department was the first of its kind in any school for the blind. The aim was to coordinate “all the means of dealing with the individual child who needs special attention” (The Lantern, Sept. 1932). This work included psychological testing, corrective work, and monitoring physical and mental health of students. A 1932 article in The Lantern notes that the department “will have available all modern resources for dealing with” children needed their services. The function of the department is explained in the same article: “ test the mental capabilities, building on all that has been done in the past by this department of psychology; adjust physical or mental maladjustment, extending correcting work of the past; guide into the largest usefulness according to the aptitudes revealed or developed.” In 1939, Dr. Samuel P. Hayes became the director of the Department and continued its work. The Department’s organization varied over the years until it was restructured as a small committee in 1951-1952.

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The Lantern, November 25, 1931 

The Lantern, September 13, 1932

The Lantern, December 15, 1939

Annual Report, 1932

Annual Report, 1952

This collection is restricted due to student privacy concerns.
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Department of Personnel and Research Records, Perkins School for the Blind

The collection documents the activities of the Department of Personnel and Research at Perkins School for the Blind between its creation in 1932 and 1943. Included in the records are medical and progress reports and notes about individual students, departmental reports, meeting and conference notes, and research reports and summaries. Departmental reports come from Medical, Health, Speech Correction, Physiotherapy, Psychometrist, and the overall Personnel and Research. Reports and notes include sensitive information about students.


B1:F1 = Box 1: Folder 1

2 Series, 3 boxes arranged chronologically when possible
Series 1: Reports, 1932-1943

Series 2: Research, 1933-1942, undated

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Box: 1

Series 1: 

B1:F1: Health Monthly Reports, November 1932 - June 1936

B1:F2: First Annual Report of the Department, 1932-1933

B1:F3: Staff Meeting, 1932, 1933

B1:F4: Report on Individual Children, Sept. 1932 - June 1932

B1:F5: Psychometrists Report, 1932, 1933, 1934

B1:F6: Bi-weekly Health Reports, 1932-1933

B1:F7: Department Reports, Sept. 1932 - June 1933

B1:F8: List of students taken to clinics, 1933-1934

B1:F9: Summary of Activities in Speech Correction, 1933-1934

B1:F10: Conference with Director of Personnel, July 1933

B1:F11: Departmental Reports, June 1933-1934

B1:F12: Report of the Field Worker, June 1933

B1:F13: Annual Reports, 1933, 1934

B1:F14: Summary of Pupils Admitted, Sept. - November 1934

B1:F15: Bi-monthly reports - Physiotherapy Dept., 1934-35, 1935-36

B1:F16: Bi-monthly reports - Speech Correction Dept., 1934-35, 1935-36

Box 2:

Series 1:

B2:F1: Memorandum From Farrell to Maxfield, March-July 1934

B2:F2: Weekly Conference with Dr. Farrell, Sept. 1934 - Mar. 1936

B2:F3: Medical Department Monthly Reports, 1934-1936

B2:F4: Physiotherapy Dept. Monthly Reports, 1937-1943

B2:F5: Medical Department Monthly Reports, 1937-1939

B2:F6: Medical Department Monthly Reports, 1940-1943

B2:F7: Personnel Department Monthly Reports, 1941-1942

B2:F8: Monthly Reports on Corrective Speech, 1941-1942

Box 3: 

Series 2:

B3:F1: Report on the Speech Survey Made in October, 1933

B3:F2: Report on the Stanford Achievement Test Given in Lower School, 1933

B3:F3: Braille Slate Experiment, 1934

B3:F4: Posture Survey, October 1942

B3:F5: Psychologist’s Report, 1942-1943

B3:F6: Outline for an Ideal Nursery School, undated

B3:F7: Study on Mutilated Dolls Test, undated

B3:F8: Further Study of the Comparison of Weights Test in Year XII in the Hayes-Binet Test, undated

B3:F9: Comment on the CT Taylor + Shepard Arithmetic Slates, undated

B3:F10: Type Slate Experiment, undated

B3:F11: DPR: Report - The Coming Year, undated

B3:F12: “Average Time for Setting Up…” Boston + Taylor examples, undated

B3:F13: Data about upper school students, undated

B3:F14: [Dr. Hendes?], undated

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Hayes, Samuel P.

Perkins School for the Blind.

Perkins School for the Blind--History.

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