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1845-1974, bulk 1900-1929
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A cataloged collection of materials related to deafblindness and organized by individuals, organizations, or locations such as country or state. Collected by the Perkins School for the Blind, the collection was cataloged by the Perkins’ Samuel P. Hayes Research Library, under the Dewey Decimal classification number 371.913, and arranged alphabetically. The collection primarily consists of newspaper clippings, but also contains documents, manuscripts, photographs, ephemera, and correspondence. Individuals with deafblindness compose the bulk of the collection. Notable individuals mentioned include Tad Chapman, Leonard Dowdy, Poh Lin Chan, Richard Kinney, and Edith Thomas. 

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Jennifer Hale, 2015

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Deafblind Clippings and other Materials Collection, Perkins School for the Blind.

The bulk of this collection documents the lives of individuals who are deafblind, with some materials also related to organizations, institutions, and individuals who are involved in the field of deafblind. The bulk of the collection dates from the 1900s through the 1920s. Materials from the second half of the 20th century are primarily found in the files dedicated to organizations and places, including France, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, and Finland. While this collection highlights individuals in the United States who are blind, there are clippings and materials related to individuals from around the world. A few files include personal items such as photographs and correspondence. Correspondence and photographs from other schools for the blind around the world are also included.


5 Boxes 2 Series

Series 1: Deafblind Individuals

Series 2: Deafblind Information Categorized by Name of Organization or Location

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Series1: Deafblind Individuals, 1845-1971
Newspaper clippings and other materials related to individuals who are blind, or deafblind. Some individuals who work with the blind are also included. Arranged alphabetically.

B1:F1:  Angelika, [Greek] 1950 

B1:F2:  Bailey, George, 1863

B1:F3:  Bean, Samuel, 1917

B1:F4:  Bodmer, Ursula, [Swiss] 1960

B1:F5:  Brawner, Earl I., 1966

B1:F6:  Chan, Poh Lin, 1961-1963

B1:F7:  Christianson, Christina Maria, 1906

B1:F8:  Chapman, Winthrop Clark, 1927-1971

B1:F9:  Cocker, Cora Adelia, 1901-1908

B1:F10:  Coker, Jakie Gennoi, 1959

B1:F11:  Cooms, Wolcott, 1912

B1:F12:  Del Signore, Joseph, 1964

B1:F13:  Diettrich, Edward K, 1869

B1:F14:  Dowdy, Leonard, 1971

B1:F15:  Driggs, Frank M., 1907

B1:F16:  Fellows, Alice, 1907-1908

B1:F17:  Ferrei, Guilio, 1907

B1:F18:  Frick Katheryne, 1916-1927

B1:F19:  Fung-Ying, Wang, 1916

B1:F20:  Gammon, Very, 1907-1912

B1:F21:  Galeron, Bertha de Calvone, [France] 1914

B1:F22:  Goins, Tommie, 1966

B1:F23:  Haguewood, Linnie, 1895-1904

B1:F24:  Halliday, Eva, ca. 1905

B1:F25:  Halonen, Angeta, [Finland] undated

B1:F26:  Harris, Perry, 1955

B1:F27:  Heady, Morrison, 1869-1916

B1:F28:  Herbert, Marcel, 1911

B1:F29:  Heurtin, Marie, [France] 1903-1911
[folder 1 of 3]

B1:F30:  Heurtin, Marie, [France] ca. 1903
[folder 2 of 3]

B1:F31:  Heurtin, Marie, [France] ca. 1905
[folder 3 of 3]

B2:F1:  Higgins, Willeta, 1921-1929
[folder 1 of 2]

B2:F2:  Higgins, Willeta, 1920s

B2:F3:  Johnson, Ana, 1913-1925

B5:F1:  Kaata, Ragnhild, 1901-1932
[see also Volta Review, May 1930]

B2:F4:  Kerr, Aileen, 1910, 1911

B2:F5:  Kinney, Richard, 1954-1971
[includes photographs of the Pope and Ghandi]

B5:F1:   Kubricek, Emma, ca. 1900-1910

B2:F6:  Leneru, Marie, 1911

B2:F7:  Linstrom, Anna, 1910 

B2:F8:  Listron, Jessie, 1924

B2:F9:  Lucas, Lindsay B., 1921, 1924

B2:F10:  Martin, Helen May, 1934-1959

B2:F11:  Wallace, Madeline, 1903

B2:F12:  McGirr, Katherine A., 1913-1923

B2:F13:  Meystre, James Edward, 1851-1906

B2:F14:  Mitchell, James, 1845-1834

B3:F1:  Pattinson, Jane, 1902
[includes correspondence in English braille]

B3:F2:  Pierce, Theodocia, ca. 1920s-1930s

B3:F3:  Prentice, Donald, 1950s

B3:F4:  Ransburg, Irene, [Austria] 1930
[includes photographs of school for the Blind in Graz, Austria]

B3:F5:  Reyes, Juncar, 1893

B3:F6:  Rice, Ruby, 1898-1906

B3:F7:  Robin, Elizabeth, ca. 1894-1906
[includes correspondence in square hand]

B3:F8:  Rouleau, Mrs. Wilfred, 1933
[worked with the deafblind]

B3:F9:  Sabonaitis, Gail, 1966

B3:F10:  Schaefer, Dr. Theodor, 1907

B3:F11:  Schultz, Helen, 1926-1937
[includes photograph]

B3:F12:  Scott, Maud, 1901-1903

B3:F13:  Seifert, Helen, 1930s-1940s
[folder 1 of 2]

B3:F14:  Seifert, Helen, 1930s-1940s
[folder 2 of 2]

B3:F15:  Simmerly, Martha, 1909

B3:F16:  Simpson, Uma, 1916-1920

B3:F17:  Smith, Ernest, 1919
[includes photograph]

B3:F18:  Smithdas, Robert, ca. 1950-1970
[folder 1 of 2]

B3:F19:  Smithdas, Robert, ca. 1968-1974
[folder 2 of 2]

B3:F20:  Sullivan, Lottie, 1904-1914

B3:F21:  Sutherland, Tommy, 1905

B3:F22:  Thomas, Edith M., ca. 1891-1910

B3:F23:  Thornton, Sallie, 1897

B4:F1:  Winitsky, Nellie, ca. 1906-1917
[includes manuscript and photographs]

B4:F2:  Yott, Louis, 1908, 1909
[includes description of fish skin disease]

Series 2: Deafblind Information, circa 1845-1968
Clippings and other material related to deafblindness and categorized by name of organization or location. Arranged alphabetically.

B4:F3:  Chambers’s Miscellany, 1845-1877
[Publication with story that includes Laura Bridgman and James Mitchell]

B4:F4:  Deafblind, ca. 1920s-1950s
[folder 1 of 4]

B4:F5:  Deafblind, ca. 1920s-1950s
[folder 2 of 2]

B4:F6:  Deafblind, ca. 1900-1960s
[folder 3 of 4]

B4:F7:  Deafblind, ca. 1920s-1960s
[folder 4 of 4]

B4:F8:  Education of deafblind, 1920s-1930s
[manuscripts and correspondence, U.S. and Austria]

B4:F9:  England, Condover Hall, 1958

B4:F10:  Finland, 1962

B4:F11:  France, ca. 1960s

B4:F12:  National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults, Brookly, NY, 1968

B4:F13:  Parent Association, (Rubella) U.S.A., 1968

B4:F14:  Russia, 1932

B4:F15:  Switzerland, 1950, 1953

B4:F16:  Vancouver, British Columbia Blind and Deaf, 1923-1929
[See also Halifax School for the Blind, Charlie Crane]

B4:F17:  Venersborg, Sweeden, School-Home for the Blind Deaf, 1904

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