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This collection consists of Perkins related papers, correspondence, ephemera, and office memorandums generated and/or collected by Anna Gardner Fish, who worked as the registrar, a writer for The Lantern, and administrative assistant for Perkins School from 1897-1941.

1 manuscript box (.25 linear feet)
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Ella Lesatele, 2016

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Anna Gardner Fish had a 44-year career at Perkins, beginning in 1897 as an administrative assistant to Michael Anagnos before becoming a registrar. Over the course of her career, she collected many pieces of Perkins theater and concert ephemera, including programs and scripts. She served on the 1945 Smoking Committee, which examined the use of tobacco products on the Perkins campus, hand-wrote a booklet of pre-1940 Perkins anecdotes, and collected information on the history of the Kindergarten. She also wrote extensively for the school, including pieces for The Lantern, memorials, short biographies, and appreciations.

​Of particular interest in this collection are the biographical sketches found in F1, F3, F11, F12 and F20; a booklet of embossed cursive and squarehand type (F14), and the booklet “In a Lighter Vein” (F17)

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This collection consists of pieces written and/or collected by Anna Gardner Fish, a longtime Perkins employee and an essayist, who wrote articles for The Lantern as well as short biographies, memorial pieces, and statements of appreciation for many school events. It includes both examples of her own writing and small collections of ephemera and special event material that she collected.

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Anna Gardner Fish Papers, Perkins School for the Blind

1 box, in original order

B1:F1 = Box 1: Folder 1

AGF – Anna Gardener Fish

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The records are in one manuscript box, in original order with original folder titles

B1:F1: Ruggles (S.P.), Feb. 19, 1935 – Feb. 15, 1938
[contains a short biography of Stephen P Ruggles]

B1:F2: Organ, Nov. 10 1932
[contains material related to the 1932 dedication of the Dwight Hall organ]

B1:F3: Kindergarten, Apr. 1907 – Aug. 21 1928 and undated
[contains essays on the Perkins Kindergarten, by AGF and others; also contains a folded paper basket marked “Ms. Fish”]

B1:F4: Perkins Institution Reports from various sources, Nov. 18 1907 - 1935
[contains essays related to Perkins school events, including Founder’s Day and spelling bees, by AGF and others]

B1:F5: Perkins Campus Maps, 1954
[contains 2 small maps dating from 1954]

B1:F6: Memorials and concerts, Nov. 30 1919 – May 26 1967
[contains programs and other papers related to Perkins and other institutions]

B1:F7: Smoking questionnaire, Feb. 1964

B1:F8: Programs and pamphlets, Feb. 1897 – Nov. 9 1932
[contains articles on Perkins, programs from school theatre productions, and a booklet from the 1931 World Conference on Work for the Blind]

B1:F9: Programs and pamphlets, Nov. 10 1932 – Jun. 10 1962
[contains ephemera from Perkins theatre and concert productions]

B1:F10: Staff skits, Feb. 14 1935 and undated
[contains scripts and program from staff productions]

B1:F11: Appreciations, Jan. 12 1912 – May 1936
[contains obituaries, memorials, and retirement speeches written by AGF for Perkins community members]

B1:F12: Appreciations Feb. 1937 – 1939 and undated
[contains obituaries, memorials, and retirement speeches written by AGF for Perkins community members]

B1:F13: Smoking Committee (Farrell Administration), 1945 - 1946

B1:F14: Sample of embossed types, undated
[booklet containing examples of Boston Line Type and embossed squarehand]

B1:F15: Centenary of Incorporation and Fisher Memorial, Mar. 3 1929
[contains the 1844 Annual Report as well as material related to the 1929 Centennial]

B1:F16: Watertown, Jan. 14 1926 [contains map and copy of a 1926 Massachusetts Department of Public Safety decision regarding a proposed parking garage near Perkins]

B1:F17: “In a Lighter Vein”, 1941
[contains a handwritten copy of “In A Lighter Vein: Some Stories of Life at Perkins Institution in the “old days” as recalled by Anna G Fish 1941]

​B1:F18: Clippings, undated

B1:F19: Kennedy Memorial, Dec. 3 1963
[contains material on Perkins’ Memorial Service]

B1:F20: Papers on Early Benefactors for “The Lantern”, undated
[contains biographical essays and sketches by AGF on Samuel May, Samuel Eliot, Laura Bridgeman, Helen Curtis Bradlee, Julia Romana Anagnos, Gazella Bennett, Edward E Allen, Abigail Carter, Sophia Carter, Wilhelmina Humbert, Mrs. Warren E Potter, Eugene Tompkins, Laura Sawyer, John Wright, and Josiah Stickney]

B1:F21: Original container label, undated

Perkins School for the Blind
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Perkins School for the Blind.
Perkins School for the Blind--History.
Fish, Anna Gardner

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