Other Digitized Materials

A number of other Perkins publications and related materials are available in digital format.  A partial list follows.

Samuel Gridley Howe and Julia Ward Howe

Michael Anagnos

Helen Keller

Anne Sullivan Macy

Laura Bridgman

Charles Dickens' Visit to Perkins

Perkins History

  • The Perkins History Timeline Project Suggested by Perkins President and CEO Dave Power in 2016, this project highlights specific events, people, and ideas that have influenced both Perkins and the larger blindness community.
  • Research Library Timeline For most of its history, there was a single head librarian who presided over the circulating library of embossed books (later Perkins BTBL), the school library for the students (called for some time the Teachers’ Library, because the materials supported the curriculum), and the Special Reference Library. This document lists the librarians, as well as events in the history of the library at Perkins.
  • The Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind, by Samuel Eliot (Perkins Trustee and President of Harvard University), New England Magazine, Feb., 1897

Other Items