Top 10 #PerkinsArchives Instagram Posts

Collage of images from the Archives Instagram posts
July 25, 2019

As we launch our new Instagram account, we thought it would be a good time to look back at our top 10 most popular posts. We started sharing on Instagram in 2017 and since then, our 92 posts have received almost 6,500 “likes”! 

Let’s take a look at which posts were the most “liked”:

10) Perkins Institution for the Blind Salesroom - May 24, 2019

This post shared this photo of the Perkins Salesroom, located at 383-385 Boylston Street in Boston’s Back Bay. 

Black and white photograph of storefront with "Perkins Institution of the Blind Salesroom" signage. The lower room has a bassinet in the window and the top has a framed picture of the Howe tower of the Perkins School for the Blind Watertown campus on the Charles River

9) Polly Thomson, The Third Musketeer - March 15, 2019

We shared our latest blog post about Polly Thomson, Helen Keller’s companion and interpreter for 46 years. 

Two women, Helen Keller and Polly Thomson, engaged in conversation via tactile fingerspelling while seated in Adirondack chairs on the grass in Garden City, New York.

8) #NationalDogDay - August 26, 2018

Dogs are always popular. This picture of a young Helen Keller with one of her dogs accompanied some information about the dogs she had through her lifetime. 

Helen Keller as an adolescent, sitting in profile with her dog.

7) #ArchivesInBloom - May 3, 2019

We participated in May’s #ArchivesHashtagParty with this color photograph of Helen Keller and Polly Thomson walking through a flower garden during a 1952 trip to Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Israel. The photo was taken by, and is from the collection of, Karl Meyer.

Portrait of Helen Keller and Polly Thomson in a garden filled with flowers. Thomson is finger spelling into Keller's hand. Keller is wearing a blue dress and hat. Thomson is wearing a purple dress and hat, she is carrying a bouquet of flowers.

6) Helen Keller uses the manual alphabet - April 5, 2019

To honor the anniversary of Helen Keller using the manual alphabet, we shared this picture of Keller and her Teacher, Anne Sullivan. We included a quote from The Story of My Life in which Keller describes the “water pump moment” in the caption.

Portrait of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan, circa 1899, seated side by side with Sullivan reading a book and fingerspelling into Keller's hand.

5) World Braille Day - January 4, 2017

Our first post to Instagram celebrated World Braille Day and Louis Braille’s birthday. We posted a page from Louis Braille’s Procedure for Writing Words, Music, and Plainsong in Dots. Published in 1829, it is the embossed book where Braille proposes the system of raised dots that is named after him.

page of book with embossed type

4) Kindergarten reading and writing class - January 10, 2019

This post features a picture of kindergarten students learning how to read and write braille with embossed books, slates, and braillers at Perkins in 1930.

five young boys sitting at table with writing tools for the blind in front of them

3) Helen Keller’s birthday - June 27, 2018

We shared this picture of Helen Keller and another one of her dogs to celebrate her birthday in 2018. 

Helen Keller reading in a wooden easy chair on the grass with a dog in front of her in Garden City, New York

2) National Library Week - April 12, 2017

We celebrated both National Library Week and Helen Keller’s love for reading with a color photograph of her with a book in her lap. The caption featured a great quote about why she loved books so much. 

color photograph of Helen Keller later in life sitting in a chair with a braille book in her lap

And finally, our most popular post…

1) Laura Bridgman’s birthday - December 21, 2018

A daguerreotype of Laura Bridgman accompanied a short biography to honor her birthday. 

Portrait of Laura Bridgman in profile. She is wearing a sash covering her eyes, and her hair is pulled back with a long braid pinned up at the back of her head. She is wearing a dress with a floral print and a small lace collar.