Bought of D. P. Butler, Practical Phrenologist

Handwritten receipt on illustrated letterhead, 1860.

Handwritten receipt on illustrated letterhead, 1860.

September 12, 2014

Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe's receipt for good/services purchased from D. P. Butler, Practical Phrenologist, Bookseller, and Publisher, 1860.

Full text:

D. P. Butler, (Late Fowler, Wells & Co.)

In addition to an extensive stock of works on Phreneology, Physiology, Water Cure, Phonography, Psycology, and the Natural Sciences generally, including all of Fowler and Wells' Publications, furnishes all other Books and Publications which the Boston and New York Markets afford, at wholesale and retail.

Orders by Mail or Express will be answered as promptly and faithfully, as though presented personally.

Phrenological Examinations, with Charts, or Verbal and Written Descriptions of character, including important advice as to choice of Occupation, Health, Habits, Diet, Choice of Help, Marriage, Children- their Education and Government and Self-improvement in general.

The Phrenological Cabinet and Museum is full of Curiosities- every peculiarity of Cranial Development,being illustrated by genuine Casts and Skills and Paintings, and is FREE TO VISITORS.ROOMS OPEN DAY & EVENING.

1 Family Gymnasium, c, 1.25
1 Physical Perfection, c, 1.00
1 Movement Cure, c, 1.00
1 Three Hours School, c, 1.00
1/4 Dr's, 1.06

Received Payment D. P. Butler, Mr. E. M. Morris, 5.19

Close-up view of "Improved Bust by D. P. Butler".

Close-up view of "Improved Bust by D. P. Butler", a phrenology bust that belonged to Samuel Gridley Howe. Regions of the brain labeled: Ideality, Sublimity, Cautiousness, Secretiveness, Destructiveness, Acquisitivness, Tune, Constructiveness, Chronology, Aliment'n's, etc.