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The Research Library and Archives staff are glad to help with your questions about a range of topics including blindness and deafblindness, blindness education, and Perkins and our history (including Laura Bridgman, Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller, and Samuel Gridley Howe and our other directors.) We also answer questions about the Scout online information clearinghouse on visual impairment. Please use the form below to tell us about your question.

We usually find it easiest to share information by email. If you would prefer another method, please make sure to list it in the comment field with your question. You can normally expect an initial reply to your question within 1-2 working days. If you experience any difficulty using this form, you can also email with the same information.

If you are interested in visiting the Research Library and Archives, please read the information on our website and complete the linked research application request form.

Details are very helpful to us, especially if you are outside the United States or are looking for information for people in a specific age range or other focused topics. Please let us know if you need accessible documents or resources.