Deed of Gift Form

A man looking at Helen Keller who is sitting at a table with a Perkins brailler in front of her.

Helen Keller accepting the gift of a Perkins brailler from Edward J. Waterhouse, circa 1956

Samuel P. Hayes Library and Archives, Perkins School for the Blind 

We at Perkins School for the Blind wish to express our gratitude for your donation. It is our goal to preserve the public records in our custody and make them available to the public. This Deed of Gift is a standard archival form signed by the donor and recipient, and establishes a common understanding of your wishes and the ability of Perkins to fulfill them. 

It achieves three purposes: First, it establishes our permanent ownership of the physical gift (book, manuscript, artifact, etc.) so that we are free to invest institutional funds to preserve and process the donation for use. Your gift to Perkins in no way prevents your depositing copies in other archives or publishing your own copyrighted material yourself. Second: holding the copyright ensures Perkins that the contents (words, ideas, images) will be available for future research and publication. This is standard archival practice. The reason for it comes from the fact that copyright is normally passed to heirs. If Perkins did not hold the copyright, it would be necessary to seek out the heirs and request it from them. In other cases, heirs may not know that the donor wished the information made public by the archives. Such heirs may try to deny public access against the donor’s wishes. By holding copyright, Perkins can ensure that the donated material is available to the public permanently. Third: the more information the donor can provide about the gift, the more valuable it will be to researchers.

Download Deed of Gift Form here