Perkins History Museum

Laura Bridgman

Perkins student Laura Bridgman was the first person with deafblindness to learn to read and write.

Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller dramatically changed the world's perception of individuals with disabilities.

Helen Keller

Helen Keller, who attended Perkins, is considered by many to be a leading figure of the 20th century.

First Kindergarten for the Blind

The Perkins Kindergarten, opened in 1887, drew pupils from all over the country.

Beginnings of Deafblind Education

Deafblind education has evolved from the days of Laura Bridgman to the 21st century.

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Hayes Research Library

The Hayes Research Library is a resource for researchers, the Perkins community, professionals, parents and the public.

Perkins Archives

The Perkins Archives include collections related to the history of Perkins and the education of the blind and deafblind.

Portrait of Jessica Langworhy seated in a chair A Legacy of Teaching Students and Teaching Teachers

Dr. Jessica Linnell Langworthy's legacy as a teacher of students with blindness and of teachers is outlined in a 44-year career at Perkins.

Outdoor group portrait of members of the 1937-1938 Harvard Class. Visiting Mr. Fattah

Sayed Fattah's connection to Perkins continued after he returned to Egypt after completing the Teacher Training Program in 1938.

First layer inside view of anatomical model of the eye by Dr. Louis Auzoux, circa 1891 Dr Auzoux’s Anatomical and Botanical Teaching Models at Perkins

Dr Auzoux’s Anatomical and Botanical Teaching Models at Perkins