Newsletter: February 2023

A brief round up of our programs and people who are lighting up the Perkins India canvas. Learn, up skill, and play are the three prominent themes around which our narrative evolves.

Stories of cheer, hope, and love for 2023

Every child can learn

From those little trusting hands to those lovely smiles that hold the beauty of learning, trust, play and growth—life’s nuances are captured through our lens. Be it giggles and tingle of bangles, the pitter patter of little feet or those little hands reaching out—the desire to learn, play and grow is at the core of every heartbeat.

Even as we strongly espouse our mission—Every Child Can Learn—we emphasize the need for  a healthy respect for inclusion. Children with disabilities require holistic support from family, community, state and educators. This beautiful film a narrative in the quest for inclusion and education.

The Educational Leadership Program

At Perkins, the key to our evolution is the knowledge capital in systems improvement and the capacity to provide the best possible education to children with disabilities. Our education leadership is a combined process that leverages the forces of talents, thought leadership and knowledge capacity of educators. The Education Leadership Program (ELP) is a curated program for a select group of educators who apply for the program, the world over.

The ELP creates long-term, systemic changes in the education and teaching of children with disabilities. If you are or know of educators in visual impairment and multiple disabilities, check out this program. The application window is open!

Regenerative learning

By exploring the principles of regenerative learning and making it intrinsic to education for children with disabilities brings real value. To make learning regenerative, our educationists involve children to work at home, in the garden, kitchen and participate in community activities.


Newsletter: February 2023