Teaching Assistant Hala Tabbara is invested fully in her work

Hala is consistently positive and reliable in her work as a Teaching Assistant. She is always flexible, always willing to help, and contributes new ideas and approaches to her classroom environment.

Hala Tabbara, Teaching Assistant in the Perkins Deafblind Day Program, was recognized with a Perkins Excellence in Performance Award for “Taking Ownership.” Hala is part of a team that manages – on a day-to-day basis – significant behavioral and educational challenges. She makes herself available for whatever her students need in addition to training new staff. Most importantly, she has the temperament and ability in her teaching to remain calm, positive, and consistent. She is steadfast and dedicated to the education and well-being of her students and fellow staff.

Hala is sitting across from her student, holding her hands.

Hala goes above and beyond

Hala goes above and beyond. It is impossible to choose one particular example because, in her daily challenges, there are many! We truly believe that her classroom would be lost without her steadfastness and dedication. We are proud to highlight a Teaching Assistant so deserving of recognition, for the person she is, and the contribution she makes to her classroom, our program, and our school!


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