Perkins Young Professionals Group

Who We Are

Perkins Young Professionals is a dynamic group of young people who live and work in the greater Boston area and beyond, and who want to engage with Perkins' mission to prepare the world for students who are blind. 

A young professional volunteer assists two guests during The Taste of Perkins.Why Perkins? Since 1829, Perkins has fostered access, education, inclusion and empowerment for those who are visually impaired, blind or deafblind, including those with multiple disabilities.

  • Locally to globally, Perkins works to enrich the lives and futures of children and young adults and innovates to meet evolving needs in education, professional development, access and inclusion.
  • Perkins reaches students in the Boston area and around the world to facilitate lifelong learning, independence and successful transitions to adulthood.
  • In partnership with young professionals, families, universities, governments, donors, corporations and employers, Perkins seeks to foster access and breaks down barriers to inclusion so every individual has the opportunity to fulfill their unique potential.

PYP logo, graphic reads "Make a difference, join now!"

Why Join?

  • Learn tangible ways to address stigmas and misperceptions about blindness
  • Be part of the solution to help increase Perkins' impact, both locally and globally, on children and young adults who are blind
  • Get the latest on what’s happening within the blind community
  • Enjoy discounted tickets to social events
  • Connect with like-minded peers

Join Now!

There is no membership fee. We ask that you attend at least one Perkins Young Professionals’ event or opportunity per year to maintain membership benefits.

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Two women in matching blue shirts, one with blindfolds over her head, wave for a photo at the Boston Common.

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