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Winter Ski Camp

February 10 (All day) | Sugarloaf Mountain (Meet at Perkins) Students enjoy skiing at Sugarloaf Mountain at the annual New England Blind & VI Ski Festival. No previous ski experience needed.

Perkins Pre-Employment Program

February 17 5:00PM | Grousbeck Center An experiential course that gives visually impaired young adults the necessary skills and confidence to pursue success in their career.

Differentiating for English Learners

March 2 8:30AM | Grousbeck Center Participants will examine key issues for the English Language Learner population and consider ways to implement new strategies into their practice.

Person-Centered Planning

March 11 (All day) | Online Support students’ pathways to success through this facilitated approach that empowers the student to lead the team.

Cortical Visual Impairment: An Overview and Understanding

March 11 (All day) | Grousbeck Center 3 day blended workshop with Ellen Mazel focuses on CVI: causes, assessment and strategies for access and improvement of vision for students with CVI.

Girls Weekend

March 15 5:00PM | Northeast Building Give girls a safe space to learn from each other and female instructors, as well as to give them an opportunity to just be girls. (Ages 12-22).

Teaching Strategies for Students in the Sensorimotor Stage of Development

March 18 (All day) | Online Participants will learn about Sensorimotor Stage of Development, the Van Dijk Approach, levels of learning in the Sensory Learning Kit and more.

Assessment of Students with CVI: Reliable Scoring of the CVI Range (Spring Session)

March 18 (All day) | Online Spring Session. An in-depth course in scoring the CVI Range, to improve your reliability in assessing children.

Making A.T. in Minutes for Blind and Low Vision and Multiple Disabilities

March 29 8:30AM | Grousbeck Center This hands on workshop will discuss and demonstrate over 75 different assistive technology solutions that can be created in minutes!

Robotics Weekend

March 29 5:00PM | Northeast Building Teamwork and innovation are key ingredients to building and programming robots. (Ages 6-12)