Financial Planning for Two Generations

Presenter: Cynthia Haddad, Certified Financial Planner, Special Needs Financial Planner, Affinia Financial Group, co-author of The Special Needs Planning Guide and sibling to a person with special needs

Special needs financial planning means planning for two generations. Many children with a disability must be supported their entire lives, including long after their parents have passed. Our approach reaches beyond the limited boundaries of wills and trusts to provide you with a road map to address your own family's special needs.

Planning for two generations centers upon our Special Needs Planning Timeline™. The timeline highlights the various planning pressure points where parents should be aware of changes relating to their child's benefits, legal and financial issues. The primary focus is to help parents avoid common mistakes and pitfalls in their own planning. We will also discuss the ABLE account and its potential role in planning for your child.

Download The Five Factors Checklist