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Perkins Empowerment Parent Workshop

January 18 12:00PM | Grousbeck Center The Housing Workshop is a step by step guide to planning for your child when it is time to move out. Registration is closed.

Self-Defense Training

January 18 5:00PM | Northeast Building The Self-Defense program will equip visually impaired students with the mental and physical skills needed to defend themselves.

Cortical Visual Impairment (Winter Session)

January 21 (All day) | This course provides an overview of the principles and practices of working with students who have CVI.

Creating IEPs for Students with CVI

January 22 8:30AM | Grousbeck Center Creating quality IEPs will foster visual improvements and recognition of materials and learning sequences.

Vision After Occipital Lobectomy and Related Surgeries

January 24 1:00PM | Online This session will provide an overview of these occipital lobectomy surgeries, address how their resulting vision implications impact a child in school.

Active Learning: Webinar Series (Session 2 Live)

January 24 4:00PM | Online Session 2 will focus on Constructive Play for learners in the Preoperational Stage using an Active Learning approach developed by Dr. Lilli Nielsen.

Assessment of Students with CVI: Reliable Scoring of the CVI Range (Winter Session)

January 28 (All day) | Online Winter Session. An in-depth course in scoring the CVI Range, to improve your reliability in assessing children.

Teaching Social Skills to Students Who Are Visually Impaired

January 28 (All day) | Online Learners will be introduced to assessment and instructional strategies for teaching social skills to students with visual impairments.

Adult Sign Language Classes - Spring 2019

January 28 (All day) | Northeast Building Registration is now open for Spring 2019 Sign Language Classes! Must take Level 1 before taking Level 2. Spaces limited to 20 seats per class.

Essential Assessments for Students with Visual Impairments

February 4 (All day) | Online Essential assessments: functional vision, learning media assessment and screening and assessment in the ECC content areas.