The Right Choice

Fay Henry

"Changing my will was effortless. I'm happy that I'm able to invest in the future of students at Perkins." – Fay Henry

"I have seen the color of the blue sky. Imagine, some have never had that experience. I'm very fortunate that I got to be 80 before I went blind. Several years ago I was diagnosed with macular degeneration. Apparently it runs in my family. My aunt also had MD. As a child I remember her receiving books on tape from the Perkins Library.

It was because of my aunt that I began making contributions to Perkins. She contributed as well. One day I received a call from a student at Perkins thanking me for a recent donation. That call led me to request more information about how I could help.

I established my first Charitable Gift Annuity with Perkins a couple of years ago. The Charitable Gift Annuity pays well, particularly for someone like me—a lady in her eighties. I receive a nearly 8 percent interest rate, and that's not bad. Not bad at all. I also like the annuity because it is a safe place for your money. It certainly was the right choice for me.

My gift annuity will eventually benefit arts programming at Perkins. I'm a firm believer in education and the arts, and admire Perkins' historic commitment to educating students who are blind and deafblind. I was fortunate because my father sent me to school to learn, which enabled me to support myself. He also taught me the importance of giving back. Since music has always played an important role in the lives of my family members, I decided to support the arts at Perkins. I think more people should give to education and the arts.

Now I feel it is necessary to do more for Perkins, so I decided to provide for the school in my will. My attorney has arranged it so Perkins receives a percentage of my estate. Changing my will was effortless. I'm happy that I'm able to invest in the future of students at Perkins."

Give to Perkins through a Charitable Gift Annuity and you will:

  • Secure an attractive, fixed annual income for life.
  • Receive higher returns with low risk.
  • Receive substantial tax benefits.

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