Banker Provides Gift Annuity, Bequest and Referrals

Prescott Crafts on the Perkins campus.

"I chose a gift annuity because it’s a gift that benefits both me and Perkins." – Prescott Crafts

Prescott Crafts, a successful banker and author who is now retired in San Diego, first developed eye problems as a young adult after serving in the Navy in World War II.

Having grown up in the Boston area, he was familiar with Perkins' stellar reputation—and thus began a lifelong association that has included a charitable gift annuity and a bequest in his will.

Prescott attended Boston University and, after the war, started his career with what was then the First National Bank of Boston. His vision problems began with a cataract at the age of 28, and he later had a cornea transplant, a torn retina, and glaucoma—all while retaining his sight. His sister also had difficulty with her sight and lost her vision completely in her 40s, though she learned braille and remained independent.

Prescott rose to become vice president of the bank's international division, traveling around the world, including the Middle East, India and Japan. During his travels Prescott spoke highly of Perkins whenever he got the opportunity and actually even made referrals to the school. "I told a financial attaché from India who had two sons with blindness that they should go to Perkins. One of them did, and I know it was a great experience," he says. Prescott decided years ago that he would support Perkins financially: The charitable gift annuity increased his fixed income for the rest of his life, and combined with the bequest provides a significant legacy upon his passing.

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