Veteran's legacy lives on in gifts in his brother's name

Photo of Danti Peduto in 2009.

"I've been giving to Perkins to help people who become blind later on in life, so they can learn and carry on." – Danti Peduto

This is the story of two American heroes.

Both brothers fought in World War II. One was blinded in battle. The other returned home safely. Now, seven decades later, their legacy lives on through generous gifts to Perkins that continue to touch the lives of people who are blind all over New England.

The older brother was Danti Peduto. His younger brother was William, who was wounded on the battlefield in Germany and received a Purple Heart.

William spent six months in the hospital. He could no longer read the print books he loved because of his blindness, so he asked his brother to bring him audio books from the Perkins Braille & Talking Book Library. Danti faithfully did so, and those books lifted William’s spirits.

After recuperating, William learned braille at a school in Connecticut, which set him on a path to success and independence. He went on to earn a sociology degree from Tufts University. Danti built a successful career in the construction business. Both brothers worked hard and invested wisely.

As a thank-you for the life-changing difference the Perkins Braille & Talking Book Library – now called simply the Perkins Library – made in his brother's life, Danti began making gifts to Perkins. He designated some of his gifts and charitable gift annuities to fund a recording booth at the Perkins Library, where talented volunteers record digital audio books from New England authors.

“I've been giving to Perkins to help people who become blind later on in life, so they can learn and carry on,” Danti explained to us at the time. “It's a really good cause.” Like too many of their generation, both brothers have passed away. But Danti left a significant gift to Perkins in his will, dedicated to the memory of his younger brother. That memory still endures today, every time Perkins Library patrons all over New England receive audio books that were recorded at Perkins Library – and made possible by the sacrifice and generosity of two American heroes.

When Danti chose to leave a legacy gift to Perkins he did so by establishing a charitable gift annuity and via his estate plans. A charitable gift annuity is one planned giving option. The most popular is a bequest. By designating Perkins as the beneficiary of a will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or other deferred-giving arrangement, your generosity will underwrite the very best programs and services for children and adults who are blind, deafblind or visually impaired.

If you plan to include Perkins in your will or estate plans, or have already done so, please let us know, so we can welcome you into the Thomas H. Perkins Legacy Society, which honors those individuals whose legacy of generosity helps build a better future for the people we serve.