A song of hope at Perkins inspires Charles C.J. Platt to leave a legacy gift in his will

Charles C.J. Platt

Charles C.J. Platt

A song, unexpected and beautiful, made Charles C.J. Platt understand how Perkins School for the Blind helps children unlock their potential.

Charles was a new member of the board of trustees when he came to Perkins' campus to have lunch with students. "I sat next to one who struggled to speak," he recalled. "That night while attending the holiday concert, I noticed that same student was scheduled to perform a solo. I couldn't help but wonder how this was even possible.

"To my utter amazement he sang beautifully and stole the show! Whatever impairment that made conversation challenging obviously didn't impact his singing. This was just one experience showing how Perkins' dedicated staff helps each student realize their full potential."

That night lingered in Charles' memory. He went on to serve as treasurer of Perkins for many years and has now decided to give a gift to Perkins through his will.

A native of the United Kingdom, Charles holds law degrees from both Exeter University in England and Boston University. He first connected with Perkins through his employer, Fiduciary Trust, the custodian of the school's endowment. After serving on the Perkins board for many years, he was named an honorary trustee—recognizing him as a trustee who has "gone above and beyond" and whose contributions will continue to shape the future of Perkins. That includes his legacy gift.

"I enjoy supporting Perkins because I know that the money is being well spent and having an impact on the live of children," he said.

Charles and his wife Renia met in college and have lived in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, for the past 11 years. They are extremely active in the community, with Charles as a trustee for several organizations—including Perkins School for the Blind.

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