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Be inspired. Partner with Perkins to support children and young adults with visual impairment.

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Sponsor a Perkins event as an opportunity to give back and promote your company.

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Support a Perkins program

Invest in a Perkins program as part of your company’s giving priorities.

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Everybody In! Walk/Move for Perkins

Help make this inaugural community event a success by volunteering, sponsoring, participating or more!

Hear from a current corporate partner

Team member Ora

“The team at Ora is extremely grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Perkins School and their Career Launch program. This has been a powerful experience for the team at Ora and has created an impact point for our employees, directly connecting their work to the people they aim to help as an ophthalmology development services firm.”

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Sponsor a Perkins event

Join us as a sponsor for one of our signature events.  You will enjoy many benefits as an event sponsor, in addition to supporting Perkins, the children and young adults we serve. To learn more, click below or contact Emily Goodman.

Support a Perkins program

Find out how Perkins aligns with your CSR program. Current partners support:

  • Access to STEM education
  • Job training for young adults 
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Early education services for infants and toddlers

Contact Amy Peters to learn more.

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Meet Cabot Corp. Inc.

Sean D. Keohane President and CEO, Cabot Corp.

“Our hope is that more Perkins students will excel in STEM, expanding their access to both college and employment opportunities. Through our association with Perkins, we know that every child can learn, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”

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Feeling inspired? Let’s work together.

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