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#FridayForward is for people who believe a better world is possible and are eager to play a role in making that world a reality. Once a month, we offer an overview of news and events, share simple actions you can take to help, and take a deep dive on topics like:

  • Inclusion, and why it’s so important that people with disabilities are present and engaged in classrooms and workplaces.
  • You’ll learn more about representation, and why it matters that people with disabilities are seen in the arts.
  • You’ll see how creating a more accessible world, online and off, is good for everyone.
  • And you’ll head into the weekend with thought-provoking ideas for fueling conversation with loved ones in your life, as well as simple ways to influence change for a more inclusive world.

#FridayForward isn’t a victory lap. There is so much work that needs to be done in order to create a more inclusive world. To make sure people with disabilities are given the opportunities to reach their full potential, systemic change is necessary. Join us and we’ll move #FridayForward together.

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