Experience Stories

A tool for creating interactive literary experiences for children

A photo showing an experience story kit

By: Damary Lizardo, NEC Program Associate

Here at NEC we recently launched our Family Storytime Series, a new program where we will be bringing virtual activities to families that enrich a child’s learning experience at home. Our Educational Consultants and Family Specialists will lead these trainings on a variety of subjects. Our second session was on experience stories, a literary tool for engaging learners. 

What is an experience story?

Experience stories are homemade books about an individual’s meaningful experiences or interests. Books may include a combination of objects, tactile symbols, photos, drawings, print, braille, and audio recordings to tell the story.

How to create experience stories?

Possible topics for experience stories

Watch our recorded session led by Educational Consultant Helene Gallagher below to learn more:

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