ECC at Perkins: Career education readies kids for world of work

Career education helps students develop the skills and self-awareness they need to find their dream job.

Student using refreshable braille display while instructor looks on.

Career education is one of nine life skills kids with visual impairments and multiple disabilities learn through the Expanded Core Curriculum at Perkins. Designed to get kids ready for life after school, our career education is all about experiential learning. Our students enjoy structured visits to community sites, discussions with real people who perform various jobs and classes that build important work life skills.

Here are just a few of the ways we help set students up working life after school, and a bit more on why career education is such an important part of the Expanded Core Curriculum.

Why is career education so important

The national rate of unemployment and underemployment of working-age adults who are blind or have additional disabilities is disproportionately high. Kids with disabilities also aren’t always given the same opportunities for first jobs like babysitting or lawn mowing that their sighted peers benefit from.

That means this area needs attention throughout the school years to help students with vision loss develop marketable job skills.

How is career education taught?

What is the Expanded Core Curriculum?

The Expanded Core Curriculum is built of of nine life skills Perkins students with visual impairments, deafblindness and additional disabilities learn on top of their core academics. It covers everything from using technology to independent living to socializing with peers — knowledge most sighted children acquire by observing everyday life. The Expanded Core Curriculum gives students who are blind, deafblind and have additional disabilities a toolbox of crucial skills they need to succeed at school, in social situations, at home, on the job and everywhere else.

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