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Graduate diplomas displayed on a table
June 24, 2022 | 10:00 AM

Class of 2022 graduation

Please congratulate our class of 2022 graduating students of Perkins School of the Blind!

Graduation exercises

Organ prelude

“Largamente (Pomp and Circumstance)” By Sir Edward Elgar

Performed by Peter Krasinski


Kimberly Arevalo

“The Star-Spangled Banner”

Written by Francis Scott Key

Performed by Peter Krasinski

Secondary School Chorus

“Shenandoah,” Traditional American folk song

Chorus arrangement by Arnie Harris


Dave Power, President and CEO

Ed Bosso, Superintendent and President of Educational Programs

Commencement Speaker

Elizabeth D.R. Becker, Esq., Executive Director of Massachusetts Association of Approved Special Education Schools

Chamber Singers

“When You Wish Upon a Star”

Lyrics by Ned Washington; Music by Leigh Harline

Arranged by Roy Ringwald

Annual awards

Patrick McCall, Education Director, Secondary School

Senior class speaker

Faye Simokaitis

Presentation of diplomas and certificates

Organ postlude

Recipients of diplomas & certificates

Kimberly Elizabeth Arevalo

Framingham, MA

John Alexander Cislo

Duxbury, MA

Caroline Marie Franceschi

Spencer, MA

Chloe Marie Hennessey

Haverhill, MA

Genna Nicoletta Kandilas

Watertown, MA

Michelle Fallon Leonard

Milton, MA

Hua Qin Lyu

Hangzhou, China

Jeremiah Eric Nasuti

Wareham, MA

Margaret Mary Irene Newell

Jamaica Plain, MA

Jack Thomas O’Halloran

South Boston, MA

Mark Andrew Saulenas

Bridgewater, MA

Sebastien Raymond Semaan

Pasadena, CA

Faye Elizabeth Simokaitis

Chicago, IL

Andrew Joseph Wiener

West Roxbury, MA

Daniel Walter Wiener

West Roxbury, MA

Marcus Gar-Fai Yuen

Littleton, MA | Framingham, MA

Annual awards

The Betty Gayzagian Award

Awarded to the student who has demonstrated good vocal skills, significant interest in singing and the desire to continue voice training.

Carl H. Waddell Memorial Prize for Girls’ Athletics

Awarded to the female student who has shown effort, improvement, achievement and enthusiasm in physical education.

The Gertrude Stenquist Sinclair Award

Awarded to the student from the Deafblind School who best exemplifies the core qualities of good citizenship such as being kind, helpful, productive, cooperative and honest.

Karen Ringvall Home Economics Award 

Awarded to the student who has shown persistent effort and continual growth in independent living skills.

The Marcy Scott Award for Mobility Skills 

Awarded to the student who has developed strong mobility skills to enhance independent travel in the community.

The Marcy Scott Award for Social Skills and Leadership

Awarded to the student who has demonstrated the characteristics of a good leader and growth in leadership skills.

The Michael T. Collins Award

Awarded to the student from the Deafblind School who has demonstrated extraordinary effort to achieve success throughout the year.

The Reginald Fitz Award

Awarded to the student with the highest grade point average.

The Samuel P. Hayes Memorial Prize for Music

Awarded to the student involved in activities contributing significantly to the Perkins musical program.

The Terri Werner Award

Given in memory of art teacher Terri Werner to a student who has been a creative, enthusiastic participant in art classes, theater or the Museum of Fine Arts program, as well as a caring, supportive friend who motivates others to achieve their goals.

Senior class advisors

Christine Boudreau

Matt Carey

John Connolly

Sarah Enos

Denise Fitzgerald

Jennifer Kronmiller

Molly McDonald

Marion Myhre

Jennie O’Brien

Megan O’Connell-Copp

Jennifer Potter

Jennifer Siff

Jessica Theriault

Chris Underwood

Kamali Webson

Secondary School Chorus


Zoey Brashears

Annika Ottaway-Velder 

Sophia Salehi

Faye Simokaitis

Madilyn Welch


Ethan Gagnon

Charlie Lyu


Danzel Diaz

Hugh Feeney

Special thanks

Wendy Buckley

Sign language interpreter

Kim Charlson

Braille production

Rebecca Fater and the Marketing team

Arnie Harris

Secondary School Chorus Director

Peter Krasinski


Vera Dumova


Scott MacDowell

Event coordination

Martha Majors and the Deafblind team

Patrick McCall and the Secondary team

Jennie O’Brien

Voice teacher

Matt Lupulio, Garo Papazian, and Matt Ruthowski

Sound and video production

Michael Brook