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May 1, 2021 | 12:00 AM

Early Connections Conferences

This conference is designed for families of children with visual impairment from birth to age 7 and the professionals who support them. Here families can connect, talk to experts and learn new skills to apply at home and in the classroom to help each child reach their full potential.

We’re in this together.

We hope you gained new insights and strategies during our virtual conference. Our goal is to ensure you have the knowledge, skills and support you need to help each child reach their full potential. Watch recordings of each of the sessions, check out our resource guide and learn more about topics like:

  • Active learning
  • Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI)
  • Early intervention today
  • Feeding and mealtime considerations
  • Infant-Toddler telehealth
  • Total communication
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Keynote: Virtual session

I can do hard things

Raising a child with CVI and other needs throws parents into an arena of uncertainty and vulnerability. Here is one parent’s journey, what she wish she knew, and lessons in being her child’s advocate.

Virtual session

Early intervention today

Babies’ low vision needs are different than adults, especially those with additional disabilities. Learn how a pediatric ophthalmologist is central to early intervention today.

Virtual session

Total communication for young deafblind learners

Explore the philosophy of total communication, its role in the learning environment and how we naturally embed these methods across activities.

Virtual session

Infant toddler tele-health

As schools and programs closed due to the pandemic, learn how our Infant-Toddler Program reimagined our services to reach more families, virtually.

Virtual session

Active learning

Take a deep dive in active learning key principles, appropriate learning materials and activities, and strategies to use with your child at home.

Virtual session

CVI: Visual skill development in play-based activities

Learn the promising practices of blending visual skill development in play-based activities and naturally occurring routines for early childhood development.

Virtual session

Feeding & mealtime considerations

Review the factors that influence development of feeding and mealtime skills, as well as strategies for improving those skills at home.

Virtual session

Parent partnerships: Understanding the visual behaviors of CVI

Parents and caregivers hold vital information about their child’s visual skills, important for supporting all of the CVI assessment areas.

Resource guide

Service offerings & resources for families

At Perkins, we’re dedicated to building positive and supportive relationships with districts, students and their families. Find a list of our current offerings and resources in this resource guide.


I can do hard things

Raising a child with Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) and other needs continues to show me that I can do hard things (whether I believe I can or not). As parents of children with a different normal, we are thrown into this arena of uncertainty and vulnerability. We are put on a journey that requires a lot of personal growth. And that’s really hard. As I share my CVI journey, I’ll also talk about the specific moments and people that helped me along the way, as well as what I wish I had advocated for, knowing what I know now.


Have questions about the Early Connections Conference?

Yes, we are now able to offer professional credits for this virtual conference via Perkins eLearning. Please visit our website to find out more about professional development credits.

You will have access to pre-recorded sessions on a wide range of topics that you can watch at any time. When you register for the conference, you will be invited to attend special “live” virtual sessions:

  • A keynote from parent and Perkins TVI Burju Sari
  • Live Q&A sessions with experts who can respond to questions you and other parents are asking
  • The opportunity to connect online with other families and professionals

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Professional development opportunities

Earn up to 11 credits with our self-paced courses from the 2021 Early Connections Virtual Conference.