Support for Educators

A man and a boy read braille together.

With more than 185 years of setting standards of excellence in blindness education, Perkins prides itself on empowering educators, professionals and families everywhere by sharing its wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Through Perkins eLearning, educators and parents can find the tools, resources and inspiration they need to encourage every student who is blind or visually impaired to discover his or her own skills, passion and potential. We offer:

  • Earn Credits by taking our online classes, workshops and tutorials as well as onsite training. Check out our Professional Development Calendar for a full list of our offerings.
  • Watch Videos presented by experts on topics ranging from assistive technology in the classroom to overviews of complex medical conditions.
  • Teaching Resources offer practical ideas to use in the classroom or home.
  • Information is provided in this clearinghouse on blindness and visual impairment resources.
  • Publications written by our experts share knowledge and best practices.

All of our eLearning programs draw from the expertise found at Perkins School for the Blind, combined with our national network of authorities. As part of Perkins Training and Educational Resources Program, our programs are supported by a combination of Perkins’ endowment and generous private foundations.