Campus life, learning and growth: Beula Christy on the Educational Leadership Program

The ELP is one of the streams that Perkins follows to be a part of the United Nations’ global push to provide access to quality education for all children around the world by 2030, including the most vulnerable.

The world over children with disabilities form part of a vulnerable group that is not part of the regular education system. Perkins International endeavors to break down the dividers and advocates change through a format that ‘Every Child Can Learn’.

For over the years, the Educational Leadership Program (ELP)  has been moving the needle for social impact.  Says Beula Christy, Class of 2023, “I am honored to be a student at Perkins School for the Blind, a world-renowned institute known for its state-of-the-art facilities for special needs care. As a participant, I am constantly amazed by the wealth of learning opportunities available to me. From classroom observations and lectures to field visits and interactions with children with special needs, every aspect of the ELP adds value to my core skills and knowledge”.

The faculty at Perkins come with a wealth of unique perspectives and experiences. Their expertise in communication strategies, sign language, assessment, and interventions add a wealth of knowledge to their teaching.

My deep passion for learning about Cerebral Vision Impairment is being fueled by the excellent platform that ELP provides for studying this mysterious brain-related vision impairment. The learning I am receiving at Perkins is enriching my understanding of CVI assessment and intervention.

Beula Christy

The green corridors, outdoor running tracks, indoor gym, a tactile museum, and horticulture center add to the mindfulness of the program. Perkins has something to offer everyone. Beula signs off thus – “Come with an open mind. You will be well-equipped to make a positive difference in the lives of people with special needs and their families”.