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Understanding CVI

Learn all about CVI and the brain! Explore foundational resources about CVI, the CVI visual behaviors, and how CVI is diagnosed. Dive into our series on the visual system and the CVI brain. Our CVI team will continue to grow alongside you as more and more research surrounding CVI becomes available.

An illustration with a boy holding a ball looking into colorful swirls, dots, and patterns

What is CVI?

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Aidan rolls down a sidewalk in his wheelchair next to an adult.

Cerebral palsy and CVI explained

Boy wearing glasses looks toward their teacher while engaging with learning materials

When to suspect CVI

Boy creates a vase of flower

Comprendiendo los comportamientos visuales asociados a la DVC

A CVI Illustration

¿Qué es la discapacidad visual cerebral/cortical (DVC)?

Nai speaks at the NIH CVI Workshop

Highlights from the 2023 NIH CVI Workshop

Zeke and Tina take a selfie

7 images that show what people with CVI may see

Girl with Down syndrome wearing glasses stands holding her hands over her heart

Down syndrome and CVI explained

Girl wearing glasses and a bright pink top looks away from the table

CVI: Response Interval

a boy holds a red object

CVI: Visual recognition

A girl in classroom decorates an illuminated vase with a purple ribbon

CVI: Visual attention

A boy in a wheelchair on the field in Gillette Stadium looks back at the camera.

CVI: Visual curiosity and incidental learning

A girl in a store sits in a shopping cart and wears an eye mask.

CVI: Sensory integration and its impact on vision