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CVI is the leading cause of blindness. CVI Awareness Month is about sharing current CVI knowledge and what life-changing access looks like for individuals with CVI. Every child with CVI has the right to an early diagnosis, effective vision services, and access to appropriate educational programs.

September is CVI Awareness Month

Abstract images of three kids, each one larger than the next. CVI Now logo at bottom.

The importance of neuroplasticity

White text on a black background: The visual system and the CVI brain, a five-part series. With images of the brain and eye.

The visual system and the CVI brain

Drawing of girl in blue with an image of the brain and arrows that show the dorsal and ventral streams

Higher-order visual pathways and the CVI brain

Abstract graphic of child and a brain with an orange line showing the visual pathway from the eye to the back of the brain

The visual pathway from the eye to the brain

A little boy reading on an Ipad

6 ways CVI impacts the reading process

Abstract image of a brain with various shapes over the brain to show the complex system that controls our eye movements

Ocular motor conditions and CVI

Abstract drawing of an eye. Black background with bold, bright colors. CVI Now logo in bottom corner.

How the eyes work

Boy with CVI in a ball on the couch with his head in the cushins.

The science behind visual fatigue and CVI

An illustration with a boy holding a ball looking into colorful swirls, dots, and patterns

What is CVI?

A neuron illustration

CVI and the brain: Q&A with Dr. Lotfi Merabet

A illustration of a brain

Cortical Visual Impairment vs. Cerebral Visual Impairment