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Girls in ballet dresses dancing and swirling around the house

Party time! Helping kids with CVI make the most of celebrations

Window reflection of a woman using a camera

Tina’s art: “How I see the world”

Elementary student using an iPad on a black slant board

The Perkins CVI Protocol: Q&A with the CVI team

Math equation presented on a black slant board using color coded symbols

Visualizing Math: Considerations for students with CVI

A teenaged girl wearing sunglasses is smiling big on sunny day

NEI sets CVI as a research priority

Boy running on a beach with arms wide open

CVI Awareness: Every person with CVI has a right to life-changing access

Boy using both hands to explore different textured cards while sitting at table. He has a smile on his.

A multisensory approach for children with CVI

Aiden smiles for the camera with his hands by his mouth and elbows out wide. He's wearing a red sport's jersey.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) in children with CVI

Aiden sits on the carpet with his AAC device next to his sister while playing uno.

Making strides: Aiden’s communication journey

Abstract images of three kids, each one larger than the next. CVI Now logo at bottom.

The importance of neuroplasticity

White text on a black background: The visual system and the CVI brain, a five-part series. With images of the brain and eye.

The visual system and the CVI brain

Drawing of girl in blue with an image of the brain and arrows that show the dorsal and ventral streams

Higher-order visual pathways and the CVI brain