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Omer wears a yellow shirt and sits at a restaurant table.

A day in the life with CVI: Omer

Toddler Luka sits in the middle of a visually busy rug.

How Luka’s CVI diagnosis provided understanding, community, and healing

Logan and his three siblings pose for a professional photo.

Stories and advice from siblings of kids with CVI

Bower wears a life jacket and sits

Bower’s dual-diagnosis journey of cerebral palsy and CVI

Aidan rolls down a sidewalk in his wheelchair next to an adult.

Cerebral palsy and CVI explained

Zach smiles in front of a microphone, wearing The Spinrockers hat and shirt.

How does music impact students with CVI?

Jack kneels to pose with his guide dog, a yellow lab named Laredo.

My experience transitioning to college as a student with CVI

Shea hold his son Koen showing him a large red adaptive communication switch.

Celebrating CVI dads: Shea and Koen

Cyrus works with teacher during speech class and points to picture on a slant board.

Assessing 2D image recognition for students with CVI

Boy wearing glasses looks toward their teacher while engaging with learning materials

When to suspect CVI

Two high school students, one with a white cane, outside on a bridge with their teacher

CVI Parent/Caregiver Community Chats

Stephanie kneels and smiles next to a smiling Rosalie in front of a bright blue slide at a playground.

What does intentional advocacy look like? CVI mom Stephanie Kung shows us