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Toddler boy smiles while holding out small cooking pot

Designing meaningful EI routines for your child with CVI

August wearing glassing sitting and smiling in front of a window.

How my son’s CVI diagnosis broke, then rebuilt my heart

Teacher works with toddler to help him explore a drum

Tips for effectively working with EI providers

Headshot of Amanda Griffith-Atkins with the article title, "Let's talk about grief."

Let’s talk about grief, with Amanda Griffith-Atkins

Headshot of Rebecca Davis with the text: CVI Parent Advocacy, Parents have the loudest voices

CVI Parent Advocacy

Girl wearing glasses and a bright pink top looks away from the table

CVI: Response Interval

Boy, supported by his father, walks across a wooden playground bridge to his uncle

CVI Now Early Intervention Series

Baby biting the handle of a red pail while lying on a black blanket

CVI strategies for equipping your home for Early Intervention

Toddler sitting on a pile of tissues with some on his head and in his hands

How to Exist in Survival Mode

Baby lying down on a big pillow holding his hands together

Sharing the News: Talking to Family and Friends About CVI

Close up of baby wearing glasses and a winter hat

CVI and EI: What is the IFSP?

Burju with her son Omer sitting in front of a fire place and Lacey and her daughter siting in a swing together

You’ve Got This: CVI parents share how to navigate EI