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Boy uses slant board with female teacher

CVI and the ECC: Focus on Compensatory Access


CVI and the ECC: Focus on Social Interaction Skills

Boy explores a mini piñata while reading a book

“Literacy is a human right”: Exploring CVI and dual media literacy

Girl eats at the table with her iPad and a black sland board with numbers and cubes

Math and CVI: Ideas for a multisensory approach

Girl with CVI grabs an item from her red slant board during math class

Adapting worksheets for CVI

Grace wears pink head phones while holding an e-reader

In celebration of reading (and its many forms) for my child with CVI

Boy walks outside on a wooded path with his walker

CVI and the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC)

Boy smiles toward his therapist after he finishes making a snowman

A total communication approach for my son with CVI

Elementary student using an iPad on a black slant board

The Perkins CVI Protocol: Q&A with the CVI team

Math equation presented on a black slant board using color coded symbols

Visualizing Math: Considerations for students with CVI

Boy using both hands to explore different textured cards while sitting at table. He has a smile on his.

A multisensory approach for children with CVI

Aiden smiles for the camera with his hands by his mouth and elbows out wide. He's wearing a red sport's jersey.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) in children with CVI