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Every individual with CVI has a right to life-changing access. Learn about assessment and how to provide a multi-sensory approach to learning for children with CVI. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for CVI, but there is a wide range of promising practices that meet the unique needs of children with CVI.

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Zach smiles in front of a microphone, wearing The Spinrockers hat and shirt.

How does music impact students with CVI?

Cyrus works with teacher during speech class and points to picture on a slant board.

Assessing 2D image recognition for students with CVI

Millie turns toward the entrance of the Lower school using a walker.

A guide to O&M program planning for the CVI student. CVI and O&M: Part 4

Yalissa walks down a sidewalk with a female Perkins staff member.

How do you center CVI in O&M assessments? Strategies for CVI and O&M: Part 3

A young adult dressed in black with a black cap stands outside with his O&M instructor. They both are smiling holding white canes.

How does O&M address CVI visual behaviors? CVI and O&M: Part 2

Chloe crosses a bridge in her power chair and uses a white cane. Two other women walk behind her.

Why O&M is essential for students with CVI: Part 1

portrait photo of LJ Seiff

My experience as a student living with CVI who uses AAC

Henry sits in a classroom and shows his tactile calendar system

How to support learning at school with calendar systems

TVI Megan holds up an activity card for a CVI student.

How to design CVI-accessible calendar systems

Perkins TVI Ilse Willems shines a light on a glass container for Ryan during a home CVI assessment.

CVI-friendly calendar systems: Tips for preparation

a young girl and her teacher look at a tactile calendar system together

Why all CVI kids deserve accessible calendar systems

A two tiered calendar system from the video Partial and Tactile Calendar System with Sharon Stelzer

Accessible calendar systems for students with CVI