Expert Q&A: CVI and Assistive Technology

Allie Futty, CATIS, TVI, COMS, discusses how to assess and implement assistive technology that will remove barriers to access for students with CVI

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CVI Now hosted a live virtual event on CVI and Assistive Technology (AT), held on January 5, 2021. Allie Futty, a Certified Assistive Technology Instructional Specialist (CATIS), TVI, and O&M specialist presented and answered parent questions about 

  • Assistive technology in the IEP,
  • AT services, 
  • Considering the preferences and abilities of the end-user,
  • AT evaluation using the SETT Framework (S=Student, E=Environment, T=Task, and T=Tool),
  • Examples of AT, and
  • AT to foster independence and project into adulthood.

The biggest takeaway: decisions about AT tools for a student with CVI comes only after a comprehensive assessment. It can be easy to go into an AT evaluation with a device in mind or go straight to the device talk, but in order for AT to be successful, the educational team has to start with a child-centered assessment to see where the barriers exist and how to remove those barriers. Assistive technology must be matched to a child’s unique needs.

Allie referenced several resources in her presentation:

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