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The CVI Now IEP Guide

Every individual with CVI has a right to comprehensive assessment, effective vision services, and accessible educational programs. This is why we created the CVI Now IEP Guide—a productive, solutions-oriented resource.

We know that IEPs can be overwhelming and stressful. We’ll walk you through the IEP process from beginning to end with CVI-specific explanations and advice. We’re here for you!

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Henry’s love and passion for riding our public transportation trains and buses is going on three years strong now. So we’ve been able to get gifts connected to this love. A few favorites: MBTA train toy models and MBTA t-shirts and sweatshirts. For his recent birthday, a fellow CVI friend got him this train toy with music, lights, and movement, and he loves it. We also got some gifts outside this interest. The DRIVEN toy vehicle line has been great to go back to again and again. Fidgets and sensory toys are always a win because he can get into them immediately: keyboard fidgets and a cheap light-up spinner at Walgreens. We got him the Pop It! Pro last year, and while the light-up game goes a bit too fast for him, he really likes engaging with it. Honestly, the best gift is a train ride to get his favorite dairy-free ice cream.

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