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A young boy playing with letters on a washing machine

Everyday literacy tips from CVI parents

Boy with CVI with noise canceling ear phones watching his favorite video on the iPad

Parents share how their children with CVI show visual fatigue

Girl with CVI sitting on mats during a PT session, holding her AAC device

Two examples of how learners with CVI use AAC

Girl eating outside looking at her AAC, drinking out of her water bottle

Why it’s challenging for kids with CVI to eat

Boy watching a Halloween cartoon on his iPad
Tips & facts

CVI and Halloween

A young boy remote learning about time with his teacher on video chat

6 considerations for CVI and remote learning

A young boy learning how to spell on an Ipad at a desk

10 ideas for setting up a CVI accessible remote learning space

A young boy video chatting with his teacher

CVI and remote learning: Tips for how educators show up on screen

A young boy sitting in a messy play room

How to declutter your home for your child with CVI

A young girl in a wheelchair handing flowers to her Mother

The essential self-care guide for CVI parents

A teacher and her young female student using their hands to practice signing together.

Advocating for a team approach to CVI

A young boy smiling using a walking device

Incidental learning opportunities for CVI