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Aiden sits on the carpet with his AAC device next to his sister while playing uno.

Making strides: Aiden’s communication journey

Dagbjört smiles at the camera while holding a pink rose

Why music is my vision: Dagbjört talks about living with CVI as an adult

Girl with CVI sitting at picnic table outside in the woods, smiling up at the sky. The sun is lighting up her face.

Kids with CVI doing what they love

Faith sitting on her red adapted bike with her dog sitting in the back in a basket

Faith is unstoppable: Bike-riding with CVI and complex needs

A little boy with his first place ribbon in hand.

Seeing what was unseen for my son

A young boy wearing glasses and smiling in front of the ocean.

My son’s initial CVI diagnosis

A visually impaired girl standing on a small, stationary trampoline.

Before every ‘Miracle Worker,’ there’s a family who believes their child can learn

Headshot of Burju Sari

For the first time, someone told me it would get better

A little girl wearing pink glasses with a smile on her face.

Uncovering CVI at six months

A little boy with a floppy orange hat smiling on the beach.

Our (very public) CVI meltdown

A visually impaired little boy playing outside on the playground with a smile on his face.

Henry’s CVI diagnosis journey

Image of Nai standing on the peak of a mountain while hiking, white cane in hand, soaking up the sun on a windy day. Text at bottom left corner of image reads: "Nai's CVI Perspective Part 1."

Nai’s CVI Perspective: “You’re seeing but you’re not”