Every step of the way, we’re here to support you with CVI-specific explanations and advice.

We also invite professionals to learn from our CVI IEP series. Our goal for this series is a productive, solutions-oriented resource. The key is collaboration: We encourage parents and educational teams to work together so that each child can fulfill their potential. No two kids with CVI are alike—but every child with CVI is teachable.

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Starting the IEP process: A guide for CVI families

An introduction to IDEA and the IEP and some initial steps to begin the IEP process

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Anatomy of an IEP for kids with CVI

An overview of the purpose of the sections of an IEP document with CVI considerations

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What makes a well-written IEP?

An educational consultant shares what to look for in your child’s draft IEP

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How to maximize your IEP meeting

Tips for a more productive and effective IEP meeting for your child with CVI

Dive into parts of the IEP

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Whole-child CVI assessment drives the IEP

Q&A with Angela Gowans, an educational consultant who shares candid advice about how to navigate the assessment process

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A guide to common CVI IEP accommodations

Find examples of CVI accommodations to support access to learning and the environment

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Creating IEP present levels for kids with CVI

Learn the essential ingredients for strong, data-based present levels of performance for your child with CVI

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How to design IEP goals and objectives for kids with CVI

Discover what makes effective, actionable, and forward-thinking goals and objectives for your child with CVI

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Services and placement for kids with CVI

Learn about what’s involved in determining IEP services for your child with CVI, including vision services.

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What to know about extended school year services (ESY)

Learn about ESY services, determining placement, and what to ask before ESY begins for your child with CVI

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Transition: Success after secondary education for people with CVI

The post-secondary transition can be daunting for CVI families. Here are some helpful tips for beginning the planning process.

Navigating the IEP journey

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Balancing emotions with IEP advocacy

Amanda Griffith-Atkins shares some advice for before, during, and after the IEP meeting.

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How to disagree with an IEP

Advice from two experts about what to do when you need to push back during the IEP process

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Figuring out the IEP process

An education advocate presents components of the IEP and advice on how to advocate for your child’s needs

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Primacy of parents

Gunjan mom to Krish, 9

“Parents hold the power! If you’re uncomfortable with an IEP, don’t [fully consent to it]. Your child has a legal right to services. Don’t feel pressured.”

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