We see you. We hear you. And we’re here to help.

Everyday we hear from parents who are craving reliable information and advice on Cortical Visual Impairment / Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) — the leading cause of visual impairment in children in the United States. We know you are your child’s greatest advocate — at home, at school, in the doctor’s office, in the community, in life. You know your child best, and you need support from people you trust. You deserve answers and solutions to help you make decisions that not only impact your child’s life, but your life and your entire family.

That’s why Perkins created CVI Now: to empower parents with all of the CVI knowledge and tools you and your child need to succeed.

Meet the CVI Now team

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    Rachel Bennett

    Assistant Director of CVI Now, Parent Advocacy and Support
    Meet Rachel
  • Headshot of Ellen Mazel

    Ellen Mazel

    Director of CVI Research and Development
    Meet Ellen
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    Marguerite Tibaudo

    Assistant Director of CVI Assessment and Interventions
    Meet Marguerite

Welcome to CVI Now

Answers you can trust, community you can count on. Because kids with CVI can’t wait.

Understanding CVI

Learn all about CVI and the brain! Explore foundational resources about CVI, the CVI visual behaviors, and how CVI is diagnosed. Dive into our series on the visual system and the CVI brain. Our CVI team will continue to grow alongside you as more and more research surrounding CVI becomes available.

Promising practices

Every individual with CVI has a right to access. Learn about how to provide a multi-sensory approach and all the opportunities necessary for children with CVI to learn and grow. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for CVI, but there is a wide range of promising practices that meet the unique needs of children with CVI.


Raising a child with CVI is a unique parenting challenge. You need strategies, ideas and advice for working with your child at home as well as collaborating with your child’s team. And because every child with CVI is unique, you’ll find various approaches to CVI in each piece.

CVI stories

The CVI community has a lot to say. The collective voice of individuals with CVI and CVI families continues to grow. Our stories are powerful. Our stories create awareness. Our stories change how the world sees CVI.

CVI Now parent Facebook group

Reassurance, support, connection.

A safe, positive space for parents to meet other parents and discuss all of the things about raising a child with CVI that no one else can truly understand.

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We all have so much to learn.

Let’s learn and support each other on this journey. Have questions? Reach out to the CVI Team today!