What is CVI?

CVI is a brain-based visual impairment and the leading cause of visual impairment in children.

How is CVI diagnosed?

An accurate CVI diagnosis is critical for access and advocacy.

After the diagnosis

Five steps that involve finding support, getting assessments and beginning intervention.

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Featured Resource

The CVI Now IEP Guide

We know that IEPs can be overwhelming and stressful. We’ll walk you through the IEP process from beginning to end with CVI-specific explanations and advice.

  • This guide is a productive, solutions-oriented resource.
  • Dive into how IEPs are built and implemented, as well as what questions to ask and what to expect at each stage.
  • We’re here for you!

Kids with CVI can’t wait!

Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment is the new leading cause of blindness for children in the United States. This is why we created CVI Now — for every child, for every parent, for every caregiver, for every provider. Join us.

Parents, join our private CVI Facebook group!

Join the CVI Now parent community to connect with and learn from other CVI families — to ask your questions and get answers.

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Henry’s diagnosis journey

Rachel Bennett Henry’s mom

“Henry’s diagnosis story is common. Children with CVI are under-diagnosed, misdiagnosed and many have difficulty getting access to appropriate educational services. This must change!”

Expert resources

CVI Professional Development

Perkins is a leader in online learning. Build your CVI knowledge from introductory workshops to master-level CVI courses. Scholarships are available.

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Join us on our CVI learning journey.

Let’s learn and support each other on this journey. Have questions? Reach out to the CVI Team today!